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First Lady Michelle Obama Shows Off Her Perfectly-Presidential Brarck Impression

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This Intense Stare Between Obama and Putin Started a Photoshop Battle

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Obama Was Caught Wearing Virtual Reality Goggles, and the Internet Brewed up an Epic Photoshop Battle

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It's Like He's Not Even Trying!

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Hope vs Hate

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The Presidential Difference Between Obama's and Trump's AMA Answers

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Breaking News for anti Trump/Hillary voters!

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Oh THAT'S What Her Husband Looks Like?

image michelle obama signs Oh THAT'S What Her Husband Looks Like?
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Stark contrast between Obama's and Trump's convention speeches

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A fact that must be accepted: President Obama has declared that Hillary Clinton is the most qualified person in the history of the United States to run for the office of President..

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Barack! Did you hear something?

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"There is no reason any civilian should own an assault weapon." Gives thousands of assault weapons to Syrian civilians

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Privacy Initiative

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Lame Duck Obama Pitching Turn Key Tyranny Solutions

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Then I blamed a video

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Americans are so stupid! Ya, I know, just keep smiling!

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