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Like The Start of a Movie

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One step forward, two steps back.

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Obama on Trump

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trump memes of Donald Trump meeting Obama in the Whitehouse to take over the presidency

Awkward Interactions as Trump Prepares to Become President Have Given Rise to Plenty of Memes

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Fox News be like "Obama caught smuggling endangered baby tigers"

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Interview of the Day: Samantha Bee has a Spooky Halloween Talk with the President

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Looking at his next gig

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His Next Gig?

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President Obama Read Mean Tweets About Himself and Still Managed to Get a Punch in Donald Trump

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His Next gig

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Honest Obama

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“and then he said, his temperament was his strongest asset”

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Wow, a Completely New Person We've Never Seen Before!

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Even If It Is True

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Wah Wah

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Finally Obama Gets Some Unnecessary Presidential Censorship For Us to Enjoy

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