bad jokes

Bad jokes are the worst jokes that came full circle and became good jokes.


Funny Twitter meme about being on a date with a houseplant | An English Human @English_Channel [on a date with a houseplant] Me: everything ok? you hardly touched your dinner. Houseplant: Yes, I'm just eating light
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He Doesn't Deserve You

Funny dad joke meme that reads, "If he doesn't appreciate your fruit jokes, you need to let that mango" over an image of a mango
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Damn I'm Hilarious

Funny meme that reads, "Me after laughing at my own jokes" above a photo of Kermit the Frog with a ventilator
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Funny Twitter memes featuring terrible puns above an image of Spongebob running away | Left my pastor on read this morning, call holy ghost | Tripped over my girls bra call booby trape @takemewithuig

Seventeen Spongebob Twitter Memes Full Of Groan-Worthy Puns

For the dad joke connoisseurs!
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Funny jokes about dads, dad jokes, memes, fatherly memes, fathers, father's day | Dad Let's watch movie 55 Also dad 5 min into movie Adios OCLASSICDADMOVES | GIVES DADS FEELINGS POWER MONEY STATUS Getting airport at least 4 hours early @iamnotenartisk. OCLASSICDADMOVES

24 Dad Memes Brimming With Fatherly Humor

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Funny memes about puns | customer and a cashier Is this good wasps? No kills them. WASP NEST | someone asks much money have bank: nun none

Eighteen Groan-Worthy Pun Memes

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funny tweet eBaum's World Just a reminder that Rastafarians don't become unemployed, they become Jah Bless
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Funny meme about weight lifting, puns, bad jokes | Hey man, is there somewhere I can get a protein shake around here?? Dude, there's no whey in hell.
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Funny bad joke tweet, bad pun, twitter meme | Angry husband fills wife's car with concrete 'after she changed her surname' I hope she takes him to court, She has concrete evidence
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Corny memes, dad jokes, puns | INDIAN HILLS COMMUNITY CENTER AND END MANKIND USED SO MUCH TOILET PAPER, THEY WIPED THEMSELVES OUT | Allison @AllieLia woman is sitting at her deceased husband's funeral man leans her and asks Do mind if say word No, go right ahead woman replies man stands, clears his throat, says "Plethora and sits back down Thanks woman says means lot"

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Hi Hungry, I'm Dad.
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Funny bad jokes, dad jokes, what's updog, updog joke, funny tweet about dying and doing a whats updog joke to the doctor | doctor: itm afraid he may never wake up from his coma my wife: on his will it says he's left all his updog to you doctor: what is updog my wife: i don't know [my body starts convulsing]
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Funny dank memes entitled, 'Kid Named X' | Fire alarm goes off Teacher: Stay calm! Kid named calm: guess l'll die | mike wazowski monsters inc. teacher saying eat quietly kid named quietly

'Kid Named X' Memes Prove That Meme Stupidity Knows No Bounds

This meme is basically the ultimate dad joke.
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Funny video about a daughter who tells a dad joke to her parents, making her dad proud reese witherspoon

Daughter Perfectly Executes Dad Joke, Making Her Dad Proud

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So Brave

Funny meme about how the foo fighters are protecting society from foo
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funny dad joke memes featuring captain america saying a punny joke then getting attacked, chris evans, steve rogers, bad jokes, puns, hail hydra, captain america: winter soldier, avengers: endgame | Why do melons have weddings? don't know, why? Because they cantaloupe Diarrhea is hereditary runs jeans

Captain America's Got Dad Jokes For Days In This New Meme

Get ready to cringe.
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