bad jokes

Bad jokes are the worst jokes that came full circle and became good jokes.

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25+ Silly Puns and Examples of Wordplay From Wordsmiths of the Internet

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'Planned and scripted disrespect': Women on Reddit don't hold back on their two cents of comedian Jo Koy's off-putting Golden Globes jokes

A grown man calling any part of the female anatomy ending it with "ies" is an instant cringe—especially when it's referencing an iconic feminist art piece.
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21 Quippy Dad Joke Memes for Pun-Loving Individuals

It doesn't take a dad to tell a good dad joke. Sure, any given father has a base selection of pun-laden dad jokes to employ as needed, but cheesy wordplay is for everyone! Even if it's groanworthy, who doesn't like a dad joke ? My father was chock full of weirdly complex dad jokes. Sure, I understood them as I grew up and gained a better understanding of language, but my six-year-old self had trouble comprehending a lot of the puns . At the time, it just seemed like my dad would just say outlan…
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A Purely Silly Bunch of Stupid Memes

Good evening, or morning, internet users, abusers and even lamenters. It is not a big secret that life is a largely torturous experience, and that our blip of an existence is completely futile. That said, most of us can't help but crave the chance to do what we want with that fleeting amount of time. If we are being totally honest, the whole hustling and grinding things isn't particularly high on that list of chosen activities. So when the workweek is at our backs, or just starting (we hate you…
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Unfunny Anti-Memes for People Who Want to Watch the World Burn

What is an “anti-meme?" It is a meme that looks like a meme, walks like a meme, talks like a meme, and maybe even smells like a meme, but has been stripped of its joke.
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Flatulent Fart Memes For Gassy Teens

I don't care what anyone says, farts have got to be the pinnacle of body-related humor. In fact, we don't trust anyone who doesn't appreciate the humor of gas, be it a soft grumble, a high-pitched squeal, or a trumpet-sounding explosion. The sound of farts is funny, the smell of them a bit less so. Fart jokes have been tickling people and ticking them off for centuries if not longer. If you think you're beyond this kind of classic, we want nothing to do with you. While farty funny things are no…
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Funny and dumb memes and moments that are technically true | Something is definitely going on LADBIBLE.COM Mystery Monolith Utah Desert Appears Next Prehistoric Fortress Romania Top fan Pack can tell exactly 's going on. Someone's going round putting monoliths places. | HOLLYWOOD IS FAKE! Paid actors

Extremely Dumb Jokes That Are Technically True

They've got a point.
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Funny dad jokes, corny memes, fatherhood, puns, lol | Jim Halpert from The Office looking through window blinds Dads waiting January 1st 0:01 so they can say haven't seen since last year. | Dad @thedad DAD Dad law requires dads say one following ready leave Let's rock n roll -Let's skeedadle -Saddle up, partners -Let's get heck outta dodge -Time hit road -Let's blow this popsicle stand -Let's hightail outta here -Let's get this show on road

Corny Memes and Tweets to Satisfy Everyone's Inner Dad

Hi Hungry, I'm Dad
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Ridiculous Dad Jokes That Are Bound To Elicit A Groan

Truly awful
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Funny posts from subreddit /r/UsernameCheckOut | if grave doesnt say "rest peace" on are automatically drafted into skeleton war The_Skeleton_Wars HELL FUCKING YEAH | jorge ivan @Lowlifee old were realized recess elementary school teachers mandatory breaks, not students? Today Years Old @TodayYearsOlds Today years old

Amusing Times The Username Perfectly Checked Out

What are the chances?
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Groanworthy Memes for Dad Humor Appreciators

They're unforgivable
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Funny and corny dad jokes, bad jokes, puns, eyeroll, cringe, dad humor, fathers, star trek | lost my hair years ago but still carry comb just can't part with bald laughing Leo Dicaprio | cheese factory exploded France s awful. Riker's Beard is. Da Brie is everywhere.

Groan-Worthy Dad Jokes Full of Corny Humor

Hi Hungry, I'm Dad.
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Funny and cringe memes, bad jokes, comedy heaven, texting | r/blender Posted by u/asaeorae lost testicle motorcycle accident recently, made this Blender as memorial my lost little guy. | DO NOT TOUCH sing in braille

Weird & Cringe Posts That Are So Bad They're Good

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23 People Who Harnessed The Comedic Powers Of T-Shirts

Casual sartorial silliness.
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funny random memes, relatable memes, lol, stupid memes funny | Dudes will say wearing mask is embarrassing then wear pants like this aborteddreams RA Reck Revivel | feeling loneliness feeling better alone

42 Funny Memes & Things Just To Pass The Time

You deserve this
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60 Dad Memes & Jokes Just in Time for Father's Day

Get ready for some groans.
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