bad jokes

Bad jokes are the worst jokes that came full circle and became good jokes.

funny stupid memes, stupid memes, bad memes, unfunny memes | Savage! Hello busy ABCDEFG__JKLM NOPQRSTU V W X Y Hi? Sorry l'm busy 70 Years in ice Result 20 Years with Wife Result

Wildly Unfunny Memes For People Who Like Pain

Just terrible.
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Oh, Dads

Funny meme that reads, "My dad recently got a 3D printer and made a stool sample for his doctor. New dad joke level = unlocked" above a photo of someone holding a sample container with a tiny stool inside
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Sorry, Couldn't Help Myself

Funny meme that reads, "Me about to make a bad situation worse by injecting some ill-timed humor" above a photo of two monkeys in the middle of an argument and one monkey smiling deviously in the background
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Funny memes about dads | merestromb Got my dad's house and he showing all food he has snack on and he goes "and have guacamole ball s guacamole ball ask? well will tell an avocado. He has an avocado. Not Evan @actuallynotevan ur dad finds ur extensions

Dad Posts Worthy Of A Good Old-Fashioned Eye-Roll

We gotta hand it to the dads out there, who try so hard to make us laugh with terrible jokes.
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Impressive Trick

Funny meme that reads, "You've heard of elf on the shelf, now get ready for" above a photo of Pope Francis on a rope
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Har Har Har

Funny meme that reads, "I support farming, I guess you could say I'm..." above an image of a protractor
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Funny memes that involve puns

Nineteen Punny Memes That Are Incredibly Groan-Worthy

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Funny random memes

Amusing Memes For Those Who Can't Take The Boredom Anymore

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Funny and punny memes

Punny Memes That Any Dad Would Approve Of

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Funny random tweets, relatable tweets

Thirty Tasty Tweets For People With Nothing Better To Do

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Funny meme that reads, "Glass coffins...will they be popular??? Remains to be seen!!!"
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Funny random memes and tweets, memes about drugs, depressing memes, raising children, dank memes.

Entertaining Memes & Tweets For The Perpetually Bored (30 Images)

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Funny tweet about kids in the fourth grade who used to use "look under there" as a prime insult
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Funny memes and tweets, haikubaru meme - car with haiku number seats, imodium that causes explosive diarrhea.

34 Dumb Memes For When There's Nothing Better To Do

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Funny bad jokes dad jokes and puns. | Sculpture -  does NASA organize party? They planet S121E06583

20 Cringe-Worthy Dad Jokes Of Epic Proportions

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funny tweet about dwayne johnson, the rock, puns.
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