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Thread Discusses Timeless Video Games That Should Be Considered Masterpieces

I played Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty for the first time on Christmas day in 2001. That morning, after all the presents had been opened, my dad popped our new game (that he got for us) into the PS2 so that he could “test it out.” Five hours later, he finally concluded that the game was in working order and reluctantly handed off the controller to me and my little sister. Up until that point, I had only ever played games like Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, and Ape Escape— which are all iconic ga…
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Internet Explorers Reminisce on All the Quirky Online Crazes That Have Been Forgotten

Ah, nostalgia
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Stuff that seems harmless but is actually dangerous

Things That Seem Harmless But Are Actually Dangerous

As humans we are constantly being told what is bad for us. Don't drink this. Don't eat that. We all know that smoking causes lung cancer, and that fatty and processed foods are nearly poisonous to your body. Drugs? Fuhgeddabout it. We talk a lot less about the stuff that seems completely harmless but could actually really mess us up. Redditor u/Sealedbox recently asked the r/AskReddit community to share situations, objects - and even animals - that fall into this category. They came through wit…
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People Discuss All The Sobering Truths That Most Of Us Ignore

No more turning a blind eye
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Hotheads Reveal the Worst Thing They've Ever Done in a Fit of Anger

Watch out
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People reminisce about things that were normal in the 1990s, internet, dial-up, funny, nostalgia, 1980s

People Reminisce About Things That Were Normal in the '90s But Are Now Obsolete

As a millennial born in the late 1980's, I had the pleasure of witnessing some major cultural shifts, the most prominent being the advent of the Internet. While my early childhood was internet-free, as I got older I was introduced to both the wonders and horrors of the world wide web. And at first, I had to use dial-up internet to enjoy them. The haunting sound of dial-up internet booting up (and the anticipation that came with it) is just one of the many joys kids these days will never underst…
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Miraculous Times Lucky People Dodged A Bullet

Some people have a knack for avoiding disaster
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A list of posts to a Reddit thread divulging the worst things their bosses have ever said to them.

Workers Share The Worst Things Their Bosses Have Ever Said To Them

Employment can be a real piece of work. Being the underling of your boss can go sour quickly. As anyone in the workforce knows, employers are often more than willing to take advantage of their employees because they think they can get away with it. Horrible bosses believe they can squeeze the life out of their workers and continue doing so because they don't think they will ever quit. Who among us hasn't had a boss who watches our every move, making you terrified of making one error to risk bei…
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A story about a groom who criticizes his sister for breastfeeding her baby at his wedding and gets roasted.

Dude Gets Mad At His Sister For Breastfeeding Her Months Old Baby, Gets Called Out

The conversations around the appropriateness of breastfeeding in public have been contentious for many years. Many mothers have been forced to breastfeed their babies in public restroom stalls, in their cars, or under blankets because of the perceived inappropriateness of the act. On a different leaf, Reddit's AITA (Am I The A**h*le) thread concerns weddings as one of the most frequent discussion topics. Many clueless rude wedding guests ruin family weddings, and there is also no shortage of gr…
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Comforting & Reassuring Random Facts for People Who Want to Feel Better

Alarming facts about the dark side of humanity seem to overwhelmingly make up most of the content that bombards us on a daily basis. But what about the good stuff? Is the world really as awful as it's made out to be, or does the media like to tell a different story because the bad stuff attracts more clicks? In any case, there are plenty of comforting facts that could reassure even the most jaded doomer, and one redditor seeking a bit of optimism asked Reddit to share some of their favorites. W…
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An article about a wholesome teacher who wanted to know why her 8th grade math students called he the GOAT.

Teacher Thrilled To Discover Why Her Students Call Her The GOAT

Modern slang can be a bit elusive for people of older generations. Words that might have been explicit digs 30 years ago are now the highest compliments. While sometimes this generational divide can be used to lodge veiled insults at others, it can also give way to unexpected praise.
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Creepy stories about paranormal experiences, reddit, ask reddit

10+ People Share Their Creepy Real-Life Paranormal Experiences

The paranormal world is a pretty big part of pop culture . It overlaps with the horror genre (the unexplainable, to most people, is pretty damn terrifying), and has been the basis for (or a topic on) sixty eight reality television series. People live for ghost stories, tales of UFO sightings and abductions, and somehow, are really interested in Bigfoot. I know some folks who shell out hundreds of dollars on psychics, and hold seances in earnest. If I hadn't heard a ghost story from an entire fa…
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Article Recapping Insane Redditor Who Thought Bringing a Baby to a Child Free Wedding Was Acceptable

Clueless Wedding Guest Brings Crying Baby to Child-Free Wedding

Weddings…a time of love and romance, not drama, chaos, madness, confusion, and betrayal, right? It's not an easy task for getting hitched to go off without a hitch. Some weddings are plagued with bridezillas who try to control their guests in a demanding and inconsiderate way. However, this goes two ways, and sometimes reasonable requests made by the wedding party are ignored by selfish and rude individuals, ruining the wedding for the couple. The latter is true for Redditor u/babyweddingthrowa…
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Satisfying Times Smart People Trolled Phone Scammers

Ideas to use next time someone calls about your extended warranty
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Reflective Thread Outlines The Golden Ages We Are Currently Living Through

Food for thought
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Aussies Recall Terrifying Times They Fell Prey To Venomous Native Creatures

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