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Why Do I Even Have That Stupid Window?

answer double meaning Hall of Fame lolwut pointless question upset window - 5096718080
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Scumbag Steve: Ooh, Pick Me!

answer class hand school Scumbag Steve - 5055156480
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answer can homophones question similar sounding Street fighter Video you - 23982337

Ken is a Really Amiable Guy

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Y U Make Me Do As You Say, No As You Do?

answer hypocrites mad parents Y U No Guy - 5080314112
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Because a Subtracter Would Just be Silly

answer eight literalism minus misinterpretation opposites question three - 5037855488
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Use the Force, Toaster!

answer dark dark side darth vader double meaning Hall of Fame literalism question star wars toast - 5025002240
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Y U No Just Study Harder?!

answer easy example school test Y U No Guy - 4962399744
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It's the Only Sum He Knows

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answer hilarious log wtf - 4969191168


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It's a Little TL;DR, But I Promise It's Worth It

answer clever hell question - 4951699712
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Wait, Decline's an Option?

answer double meaning iphone literalism saying - 4941977344
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What a Trashy Response

answer garbage homophone question variations on a theme - 4924309760
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Dressed With Greens

answer double meaning duck homophone horrible literalism peeking question - 4909631232
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