Blink-182: Socially Awkward Penguin, the Band

age blink 182 socially awkward socially awkward penguin - 6282063360
See all captions Created by CerealGuy1001

Whoa, I Know Eternal Youth

age keanu reeves kung fu Memes nope - 6257923840
Created by raywilliamtrollson

Grandpa, Go Back to Your Home

age Grandpa home Memes - 6237078016
Created by Unknown

Replotted: That's More Like It

age pokeball Pokémon replotted - 6223394304
Created by Scooter

You Forgot the Pokeball at Ten

age peace pokeball time want - 6202240512
Created by Unknown

Forever Young

age dudes facebook sexy times - 6155184384
Created by Unknown

Some Day You'll Want to Lie About Your Age

age fu gal mom parenting Rage Comics - 5999852544
Created by Unknown

You Should Probably Learn the Right Write First

age facebook reality Yahoo Answer Fails - 5689931264
Created by ForeveraloneLiz

Another Year Wiser

age best of week Line Graph politics - 5649307648
Created by rvg1981

Frame: There's Time for Sleeping When You're Old

age hardcore late Rage Comics Reframe - 5492505856
Created by EFFI-EFFI

That's Why Old Couples Hate Each Other

age attractiveness couples hate old - 5443914752
Created by RavenRawr


age feet hilarious pedobear small - 5379089664
Created by nomta

Joseph Ducreux: Hey. A/S/L?

age asl friends Hey Joseph Ducreux location online sex - 5276516096
Created by nyooman

Rages Through the Ages

age aging Rage Comics rage faces - 5229831680
Created by AerieC

Please, Like a Ginger Would Have a Brown 'Stache

age id IRL kid sign - 5098553856
Created by -Ghost-

The Internet: Not So Young Anymore

1990 age Babies i lied internet Reframe - 5099745280
Created by frmjewduhh