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Things That Make People Look Ten Times Older Than They Are

Redditors discuss stressors and choices that instantly age people
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People Share the Most Important Things They Realized As They Got Older

Sage advice
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15 Hilarious Tweets Mourning Victims of 'Twink Death'

Youth does not last forever, and for many people, that is unforgivable. This week, Twitter user @thenorthmens went viral after posting two pictures of Leonardo DiCaprio: one in the 90s and one now, with the caption, “twink death is a terrifying thing.” If you didn't know, a twink is a slim, young, and hairless gay man. You might think, “but Leonardo DiCaprio does not fit into that category at any age!” You would be correct, but that matters very little to Twitter users. Twitter users will call…
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People Explain All the Relatable Things They Can't Tolerate As They Get Older

The list is long
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The Generational Meme Redux Of 'My Parents In Their 30s'

Newsflash: your parents still had it better than you.
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Yes, It's True

Funny meme that reads, "My answer whenever someone asks me how old I am;" above a photo of John Mulaney saying, "I was once on the telephone with Blockbuster Video"
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Going out: Age 18 vs Age 25

fun age web comics - 8758543616
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No Way Back

web comics puns age No Way Back
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Forever Too Young

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wesley snipes old age yikes - 4566482432
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Dating at 30: A Revision

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All Wool, All Year Long

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Choose Two out of Three

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How Old Are Your Ears?

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