One Crucial Difference

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Created by AwesomenessKool

As Soon As They Meet Peter Pan

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Created by Unknown

Can't Tell If Young or Lying About Age

age fry girls make up maybelline women - 5039207168
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Smooth as a Baby's Bottom

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Yes, and Jail Is a Free Hotel

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Created by nikelife_d

Gotta Respect a Long-Standing Tradition

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Created by mosesgunner

Scumbag Steam

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I Don't Have Time to Do the Math

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I've Been In My Twenties Since I Was Fourteen

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Created by cumverg

It's The New Lotion

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How Old are You?

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Mommy and Daddy Love You

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I Think You Mean Greater Than?

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Created by SilverSunlight

And I'm Too Young for All of These!

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Grandma, You're Adorable!

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