abraham lincoln

Good old Abraham Lincoln. One of the greatest Presidents, and influential figures in United States History. So have a good chuckle with Abe and make sure you don't wait four score and seven years to check out all these puns and jokes.

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20+ History Memes Full Of Educational Jokes

A bit of historical humor for the nerds
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Funny video showing what would've happened if John Wilkes Booth had sneezed right before assassinating Abraham Lincoln

Hilarious Sketch Shows What Would've Happened If John Wilkes Booth Sneezed

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Funny tweets about shirtless abe lincoln statues.

Thirst Trap Abe Lincoln Statue Is Driving Twitter Absolutely Wild

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It All Makes Sense Now

Funny meme abuot abraham lincoln.
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Wise Words From Honest Abe

Funny meme with a fake quote by Abraham Lincoln - says if Internet Explorer is brave enough to ask to be your default browser, you should be brave enough to ask a person out.
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Actually, I'm Gonna Go With "Man Trying Out Chair"

quiz abraham lincoln image Actually, I'm Gonna Go With "Man Trying Out Chair"
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This Abraham Lincoln Quote is Eerily Accurate Today


Abraham Drinkin Needs a Refill

beer abraham lincoln party hard - 8102660608

Sun's Out, Muskets Out

abraham lincoln - 8179951872

She's an Acceptable Substitute

school abraham lincoln - 8166745088

I Hate to Be That Guy...

abraham lincoln Popcorn food john wilkes booth - 7579601664
presidents abraham lincoln Video - 70296065

20 Facts You Didn't Know About Abraham Lincoln

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Zombie Lincoln Has Arisen to Emancipate Your Brain From Your Head

abraham lincoln pennies - 8369683968

People, This Needs to Change


Not a 3D Model, Not a Drawing: This is Kazuhiro Tsuji's Actual Bust of Abraham Lincoln

makeup abraham lincoln - 8428368384
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Enough Has Been Through Him Alre... I Mean... He's Been Through Enough Already!

abraham lincoln pennies - 8186452992
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