Walmart Employee Gets Trapped in Bathroom While Hiding from Customer Singing Along to Worship Music and Po0ping Their Brains Out

Walmart Employee Gets Trapped in Bathroom While Hiding from Customer Singing Along to Worship Music and Po0ping Their Brains Out

This seems very on brand for Walmart.
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Walmart Employee Gets Locked Inside Building, Turns to Reddit for Advice When Boss Refuses Help

What should you do if you get stuck at your job site after closing and your manager refuses to help you out because he values the front door more than your wellbeing? Ask Reddit, apparently. When u/Zealousideal-Ebb-481 asked r/legaladvice for guidance while they were literally trapped inside Walmart, the comment section echoed the same answer: call the fire department. While OP was worried about getting fired, many stressed that OP's life would be in danger should an emergency arise. Unsurprisi…
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Walmart Worker Reveals Alleged PlayStation 5 Stockpile Amid Massive Shortage

Backorders for days
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Conspiracy Theorists Go Wild After Finding Walmart Shelf Lined With Pictures Of Women

Serial killer vibes.
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DoorDash Driver Is Not Amused After Customer Orders Flat-Screen TV

It is amazing how easily we get used to convenience. The delights of delivery apps are a relatively recent phenomenon, but your average city dweller can barely remember a time when you couldn’t get takeout with the tap of a button. In fact, things have progressed so far that it’s no longer just our food cravings that we can satisfy pronto. Earlier this week, a video went viral of a DoorDash driver expressing disbelief over his latest Walmart order. The reason? It was a 55" flat-screen TV. The d…
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Walmart Karen Divides Opinion After Making Staff Do Self-Checkout For Her

One of the biggest changes in retail in recent years has been using self checkouts at big chain stores. Whether we have been haunted by the spectre of the unexpected item in the bagging area or indulged in the thrill of putting through our avocados as onions, scanning our own groceries is increasingly becoming part of our day-to-day lives. However, not everyone is willing to accept the new normal, even when it's the only option. When @tzipp69 shopped at a Walmart recently and realized that ther…
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Just No

Funny tweet that reads, "Why do I even bother shopping at Walmart anymore" above a photo of a product called "Mayonster" mayonnaise and monster drink
Via anlyin
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Supremely Stupid Sh*tposts That Won't Add Meaning To Your Life

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Funny meme that reads, "Walmart says they're going to stop selling violent video games; Gamestop near bankruptcy"
Via psgthebrain1218
Funny memes about Walmart

16 Trashy Walmart Memes & Moments Straight From The Dumpster

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Video of a guy sarcastically acting as a tour guide to his hometown of Casa Grande, Arizona

This Guy Made A Hilarious Video Poking Fun At His Tiny Deadbeat Hometown In Arizona

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14 Walmart Memes In Honor Of America's Biggest Goldmine Of Trash

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15 Times Misguided Old People Brought Their Hilarious Innocence To Social Media

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Caption that reads, "It was at this point when the Walmart manager toyed with the idea of maybe opening up another checkout line" above a pic of people standing in a very long line
Via Insecuriousity

Don't Even Joke With That Ish

Tweet that reads, "Haunted house idea: A poorly lit Walmart with people you haven't seen since high school"
Via SpeaKnDestroY


Pic of someone holding a 'Walmart associate choir' with a tweet that reads, "Omg this explains why there is only three lanes open because they're in the back working on their next album"
Via Thesavagevixen
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