I'm not sure the video killed the radio guy, but it certainly makes for an entertaining topic of discussion, or even a musical classic. If you've ever wondered what would be the result if you just search for video, you won't be disappointed, but maybe try adding a second word to the phrase, you might find what you're looking for.

mom, baby, toddler, kids, parents, funny, funny tiktok, comments, funny comments, birth, placenta, crunchy mom

Crunchy Mom Gets Roasted for Claiming "Free Birthed Baby" Always Hangs Out Where Her Placenta Was Buried

An unbreakable bond
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scary, viral videos, united kingdom, twitter, Terrifying, Twitter Thread, british tweets, car, viral videos, cars, twitter reactions, British, tweets, tweet, Video

Terrifying British Karen Growls at Dude for Parking in Front of His Friend’s House

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bartender, bar, cashier, ui, fast, card, customer service, debate, twitter, funny twitter

Bartender Splits Opinion on Twitter With Speedy Cashier Skills

Gotta go fast
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wife, husband, twitter, twitter thread, debate, tiktok, marriage, relationships, cheating, love

Wife Admits to Husband That She Could Potentially Cheat on Him, Starts Debate About Infidelity

A difficult conversation
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driving, car, europe, american, germany, tiktok, twitter, driving, video, funny

Clueless American Tourists Split Opinion After Driving Through Pedestrianized German Plaza

Just take the trains
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house, porsche, car, money, selling, buying, rich people, gordon ramsay, podcast, twitter, funny twitter

Gordon Ramsay Gets Trolled For 'Inspirational' Story About Selling His Porsche to Buy His First House

"We were skint"
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dad, parenting, mom, daughter, teasing, bullying, weird, twitter, twitter thread, wtf, marriage, relationships

Dad and Daughter Horrify Twitter by Taunting Mom With Their Relationship

Electra Complex goes brrr
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husky, huskies, dogs, dog owner, tiktok, twitter, funny twitter, twitter thread, video, animals, barking, loud, singing

Dedicated Dog Owner Shares Noisy Chaos of Living With Three Huskies, Prompts Mixed Reactions on Twitter

So loud
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viral videos, twitter, baby, slide, videos, twitter reactions, parenting, Funny Baby Videos, slides, parent, mom, dangerous, Video, Parenting Fail, parents, Parenting FAILS

Mom Slides Down Giant Slide Holding Her Babies Hand, Dangerously Jostles Baby

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salad, food, vegetables, funny, laughing, woman, nutrition, twitter, funny twitter, twitter thread

Nutritionist Gets Roasted for Healthy Salad "Craving", Evoking Women Laughing Alone With Salad Meme

Right in front of my salad?
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christian girl autumn, fall, autumn, caitlin covington, video, icon, starbucks, pumpkin spice latte, seasons, twitter, reaction, instagram, influencer

Christian Girl Autumn Icon Caitlin Covington Inspires Twitter With Wholesome Family 'Fall 101' Video

Queen of fall
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internet roundup, roundup, new meme, internet news, news, internet, girl math, boy dinner, boy math, sitting, tj mack, brian jordan alvarez, twitter, tiktok, kevin james, smug, britney spears, knives, instagram, video, taylor swift, friend chicken, ranch, ketchup, swifties

Weekly Internet Roundup: Kevin James, Girl Math, and Britney's Knives

Also, TJ Mack goes global.
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marriage, girlfriend, boyfriend, relationships, cringe, name, surname, misogyny, proposal, twitter, controversy, twitter thread, video, youtuber, tiktok

Podcast Bro Refuses to Marry Girlfriend Because She Wants a Double-Barreled Surname, Faces the Wrath of Twitter

A bad attitude
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30s, millennials, thirties, aging, vacuum, vacuum cleaner, chores, cleaning, party, twitter, tiktok, old

Millennial Party Hosts Showcase Wet Vacuum Cleaner, Excite 30-Somethings on Twitter

Now THIS is living
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daughter father dad dads parent parents parenting teenagers teens hilarious family lol secret crash truck cars video wholesome

Daughter Comes Clean to Her Dad About Crashing His Car 10 Years Ago, Sparking a Giggle-Fit That Only a Parent Would Understand

The fear in his eyes before she told the story
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nostalgia, tv, 2000s, technology, old, millennials, gen z, history, reaction, video, twitter, twitter thread

Gen Z and Millennials Boggle at Nostalgic Home Video Showing Off $5000 TV on New Year's Eve 1999

Damn, you lived like this?
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