I'm not sure the video killed the radio guy, but it certainly makes for an entertaining topic of discussion, or even a musical classic. If you've ever wondered what would be the result if you just search for video, you won't be disappointed, but maybe try adding a second word to the phrase, you might find what you're looking for.

marriage, girlfriend, boyfriend, relationships, cringe, name, surname, misogyny, proposal, twitter, controversy, twitter thread, video, youtuber, tiktok

Podcast Bro Refuses to Marry Girlfriend Because She Wants a Double-Barreled Surname, Faces the Wrath of Twitter

A bad attitude
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30s, millennials, thirties, aging, vacuum, vacuum cleaner, chores, cleaning, party, twitter, tiktok, old

Millennial Party Hosts Showcase Wet Vacuum Cleaner, Excite 30-Somethings on Twitter

Now THIS is living
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daughter father dad dads parent parents parenting teenagers teens hilarious family lol secret crash truck cars video wholesome

Daughter Comes Clean to Her Dad About Crashing His Car 10 Years Ago, Sparking a Giggle-Fit That Only a Parent Would Understand

The fear in his eyes before she told the story
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nostalgia, tv, 2000s, technology, old, millennials, gen z, history, reaction, video, twitter, twitter thread

Gen Z and Millennials Boggle at Nostalgic Home Video Showing Off $5000 TV on New Year's Eve 1999

Damn, you lived like this?
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singer, musician, starbucks, ed sheeran, promotion, album, work, job, barista, coffee, customers, twitter, video, funny twitter, debate

Twitter Reacts to Ed Sheeran Promoting Album by Working as Barista in Starbucks

He's a pumpkin spice girlie
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airplane, plane freakout, tiffany gomas, twitter, funny twitter, tmz, video, interview, flight, airport, wtf, hmm, conspiracy

Plane Freakout Lady Tiffany Gomas Spotted Boarding Another Flight, Prompts More Speculation and Jokes

The weirdness continues
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viral videos, twitter, holding, baby, tiktoks, hold, iPhones, viral tiktok, funny tiktok, Funny Baby Videos, tweets, dad, funny tweets, funny twitter, mom, Video, tiktok

Husband Cradles Wife While Technologically-Advanced Baby Scrolls On Phone

I'm baby
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video, reaction, apology, tiffany gomas, plane, airplane, american airlines, twitter, twitter reaction, viral video, flight

Plane Freakout Woman Tiffany Gomas Responds to Viral Fame, the Internet Reacts

We're still confused
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game, video games, uber, uber driver, driver, wholesome, car, entertainment, twitter, video, passenger, cute

Wholesome Uber Driver Charms Internet With Personalized Backseat Video Game for Passengers

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video about a rescued raven who acts like a dog | thumbnail includes three pictures including a raven getting petted and a raven looking at a mirror and a raven playing with a dog

'You're A Bird!': Rescued Raven Grows Up With Humans And Acts Like A Puppy, Knocks On Window Until Humans Give Him Attention (Video)

He doesn't really fly - he hops and plays fetch
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niche internet microcelebrity, profile, tailor, tiktok, tiktoker, famous people, clothes, tailoring, men, funny, explainer, wtf, sam's tailor, tiktok tailor, roshan melwani

Niche Internet Microcelebrity Spotlight: Sam's Tailor

Suit making, with a side order of insults
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hormones hormonal pregnancy pregnant sister lunch freakout public public-freakout freak-out crazy marriage married family baby lunch funny video viral

'The lash was her 13th reason': Hormonal, pregnant sister totally snaps when she goes out for lunch; everyone gets flummoxed when emotional rollercoaster unfolds

The pregnancy hormones are not messing around
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wholesome, fish, diver, friendship, video, sea, ocean, hammer, twitter, funny twitter, reaction, funny animals, cute  animals

'These buddy cop movies just keep getting weirder': Twitter Reacts to Diver and His Nosy Fish Friend

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cracked Harry Potter jk rowling 20-movies movies parody blockbuster film fantastic beasts Video - 109908225

We Remade Harry Potter For $20 | $20 Movies

Fantasy and sci-fi movies aren't known for having small budgets. As series go, the film adaptations of Harry Potter were not cheap. In fact, if we include the Fantastic Beasts films, the Harry Potter film franchise has cost well over $1 billion dollars. It's also made well over $1 billion, at least 8 billion on top of the film budgets. Numbers like this are a bit overwhelming for our little brains. So when we heard Cracked took a stab at Harry Potter f or their latest $20 Movies installment, yo…
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roommates, house, living room, kitchen, dirty, messy, gross, trash, dishes, why, twitter, college, college students, tiktok

Visceral Video of Gross College House Inspires Reactions and Debate on Twitter

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cracked glaucoma animation blindness blind Video - 109825281

Woman Who Lost Eyesight Overnight Shares The Dark Realities Of Being Blind

Imagine waking up, ready to start the day, but realizing that your eyes simply aren't working. Pretty terrifying, isn't it? While going blind overnight might sound ridiculous, the truth is that it's 100% possible - and can be brought on by something as simple as stress or wearing a necktie. In this new animated video from Cracked, a woman who woke up blind (thanks to acute glaucoma) shares her story.
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