I'm not sure the video killed the radio guy, but it certainly makes for an entertaining topic of discussion, or even a musical classic. If you've ever wondered what would be the result if you just search for video, you won't be disappointed, but maybe try adding a second word to the phrase, you might find what you're looking for.

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'These buddy cop movies just keep getting weirder': Twitter Reacts to Diver and His Nosy Fish Friend

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A compilation of hilarious viral videos that make people on Twitter laugh

Twitter Users Share Videos That Always Make Them Laugh

Viral content rarely has the same punch on the second and third viewing as on the first. The first time I watched that classic viral video of a car driving on a scenic highway, I was positively spooked by the twist. Unfortunately, I'll never get back the experience of watching it for the first time, but repeat viewing isn't necessarily what “Scary Car Commercial” is made for. It was created to scare the sheltered neighbor kids who weren't allowed to watch YouTube at their house. Even if it does…
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We Remade Harry Potter For $20 | $20 Movies

Fantasy and sci-fi movies aren't known for having small budgets. As series go, the film adaptations of Harry Potter were not cheap. In fact, if we include the Fantastic Beasts films, the Harry Potter film franchise has cost well over $1 billion dollars. It's also made well over $1 billion, at least 8 billion on top of the film budgets. Numbers like this are a bit overwhelming for our little brains. So when we heard Cracked took a stab at Harry Potter f or their latest $20 Movies installment, yo…
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Visceral Video of Gross College House Inspires Reactions and Debate on Twitter

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Woman Who Lost Eyesight Overnight Shares The Dark Realities Of Being Blind

Imagine waking up, ready to start the day, but realizing that your eyes simply aren't working. Pretty terrifying, isn't it? While going blind overnight might sound ridiculous, the truth is that it's 100% possible - and can be brought on by something as simple as stress or wearing a necktie. In this new animated video from Cracked, a woman who woke up blind (thanks to acute glaucoma) shares her story.
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Disturbing Ways The Ninja Turtles Have Cowabunga'd Into Real Life

You know the Ninja Turtles, right? Those sneaker-snapping, belt-biting boys – with real breakdancin’ action! Who fight crime with karate, often with weapons – one time with sausages – but always with pure, uncut 80’s surfer ‘tude coursing through their surprisingly pronounced veins. Okay but did you know about the crass joke they made on Oprah? Well, if not, you're in luck. This... is Canonball.
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A compilation of memes about being on a film set

30 Relatable Movie Set Memes For Film Crews

Contrary to popular belief, most film sets are not glamorous. Even if you go back to the alleged “golden age” of Hollywood, everyone working on a film set was being worked to
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Disney Family Get Roasted For Eye-Wateringly Expensive Trip to Walt Disney World

That is a lot of money
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5 Biggest Mistakes In The Super Mario Bros. Movie

You already know what it is, it's your boy Stephen with a relatively new show on Cracked where he absolutely skewers your favorite films. Last episode we discussed 1993's Illuminati masterpiece, Super Mario Bros. This week on the Skewer Stick is this year's controversial The Super Mario Bros. Movie . No Chris Pratts were hurt in the making of this video.
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If Cruises Were Honest | Honest Ads

Cruises have been a luxurious way to vacation since, well, boats existed we imagine. Cleopatra's barge definitely seemed like a private cruise of sorts. Anyway, despite the idyllic image of floating around the Caribbean, or perhaps the Greek Isles or Alaska, cruises aren't always what they're cracked up to be. And today, Cracked's Honest Ads (with our pal Roger Horton) is here to delve a little deeper into what it would sound like if cruise advertisements were actually honest.
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5 Biggest Mistakes In 1993's 'Super Mario Bros' | CineMistakes

It feels like people have been skewering The Super Mario Bros. Movie since it was announced that Chris Pratt would be voicing everyone's second favorite Italian plumber (I'm a Luigi gal, okay?). But we need to talk about the Super Mario Bros. movie that preceded it - the aptly titled Super Mario Bros. Despite its star-studded cast (the late Bob Hoskins as Mario and John Leguizamo as Luigi) and strong Illuminati vibes, the movie isn't talked about enough. Until now. In this special episode of Ci…
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Woman Gets Accused of Stink Eye After Being in the Background of Someone Else's Video

Terminal Main Character Syndrome
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Video: We Remade John Wick For $20

Everyone (including myself) has been ooh-ing and ahh-ing over John Wick: Chapter 4. The action-packed installment was a thrilling ride with a solid cast of characters. And I guess it got the fine folks at Cracked thinking: What if we made John Wick, but with a budget of just $20? Well, they did it. This rendition of the first John Wick film is definitely lower in the budget zone, but might rate higher on the “funny” scale. We love a bargain.
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Here's Why Your College Application Was Rejected

If you've had zero reason to look back on your college application experience , you're not alone. The whole thing was humiliating. Sure, I got into a couple schools, but there were several that rejected me. It still stings today, and I never really understood why they simply wouldn't have me. If you've been wondering the same thing about the schools you applied to, well, then, you're in luck. Cracked has put out this video that takes an aesthetically pleasing and incredibly enlightening journey…
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Dude Tries To Prove That Modest Women Attract Attention To Themselves, Fails Miserably

Every trad weirdo on the internet has a different idea of how women should be. Trad guys want to return to the traditions of some idyllic version of the past, but none can seem to agree on which historical time period they're longing for. As far as I can tell, there are two camps of trad wife fashion: 1800s levels of modesty and 1950s housewives . Podcaster and known sexist Elijah Schaffer posted a tweet this week claiming that even modest women get stared at in the streets and that society has…
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People discuss the insane price of a studio in Gramercy neighborhood of Manhattan

'You'll never guess the price': People React to Outrageous Rent of New York City Studio Apartment

As someone who has lived in New York City for my entire life, I am used to the rent being ridiculous. But that doesn't mean I'm cool with it. Every time I move it's to another tenement-like apartment and farther from “civilization.” It's frustrating, as a native, to be pushed out of your own neighborhood. But this is where the jobs are, and where my friends and family are, so I deal with it. Lately I've been hearing that it's actually cheaper to live in Manhattan than Brooklyn - a claim I can o…
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