I'm not sure the video killed the radio guy, but it certainly makes for an entertaining topic of discussion, or even a musical classic. If you've ever wondered what would be the result if you just search for video, you won't be disappointed, but maybe try adding a second word to the phrase, you might find what you're looking for.

A video about crazy vegans mourning Meat At Grocery Store, Leaving Roses For Packaged Beef

Crazy Vegans Mourn Meat At Grocery Store, Leaving Roses For Packaged Beef

Vegan protesters are known for having a flair for the dramatic. Throwing red paint on your enemies might not convince people to get on your side, but it will certainly catch your attention. Many vegan activists have been criticized for their one-dimensional and erratic views on other people's diets. How vegans protest seems specially designed to make others angry. They see no gray area for why someone might not be able to have a plant-based diet. Many vegans are foolish enough to think that veg…
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People on Twitter marvel at grown man, youtuber tyler tube, doesnt know what sweet potatoes are

Internet Flabbergasted By Grown Man Who Doesn't Know What Sweet Potatoes Are

How is this even possible
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Funny video about taking care of TikTokers, making them stop, airplanes

Funny Video Presents Solution to Annoying TikTokers on Airplanes

We feel so, so bad for people in service in this day and age. TikTokers think of public spaces as their stage, and turn almost any situation into an attention-seeking opportunity. One example of this behavior is when TikTokers (who are probably current or former theater kids) decide they should sing their fast food order at the drive-thru. If I were on the other side of the window, I would probably quit after the first instance of this idiocy. This cringey behavior isn't relegated to the drive-…
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Frustrated Mom starts answering phones at Walmart because they are understaffed

Frustrated Anti-Karen Starts Answering Phones at Understaffed Walmart

We love her.
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People on Twitter react to expensive 1.95 million dollar house that is super tiny and has a toilet in the bedroom

"nothing will prepare you for the final reveal" - Twitter Users React to Cramped 2 Million Dollar Home in Toronto

Is this a product of inflation or pure insanity? It might be both.
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child, baby, hasbulla, video, parent, dad, funny, cute

Baby Is Convinced Hasbulla Is Her Dad, Hilarity Ensues

It's easy to see why
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10 Memes For Introverts Who Are About To Cancel Plans Again To Stay Home And Look At Videos Instead

10 Memes For Introverts Who Are About To Cancel Plans For The Tenth Time This Month

What I mean by "OMW" is actually that I'm still cozy on my couch and likely to stay here.
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A compilation of hilarious viral videos that make people on Twitter laugh

People Share Videos That Make Them Laugh Every Time

Viral content rarely has the same punch on the second and third viewing as on the first. The first time I watched that classic viral video of a car driving on a scenic highway, I was positively spooked by the twist. Unfortunately, I'll never get back the experience of watching it for the first time, but repeat viewing isn't necessarily what “Scary Car Commercial” is made for. It was created to scare the sheltered neighbor kids who weren't allowed to watch YouTube at their house. Even if it does…
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twilight, movies, tv shows, snapchat, filter, funny, video, funny twitter

Movie Watcher Puts Snapchat Filter on "Twilight" Series, Produces Hilarious Results

It's an improvement
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alcohol, bartender, bar, drinking, drink, drunk, video, funny twitter

Overly Generous Bartender Has Twitter Falling Off Their Seats

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actor, acting, extra, dr strange, marvel, benedict cumberbatch, funny twitter, twitter thread

Hammy 'Doctor Strange' Extra Steals The Show, According To Twitter

She is the moment
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Manager Blasted For Cold Response to Employee's Request to See Dying Sister

Video of woman telling story about quitting job after boss thinks she was lying about sister dying.
Via @hillary.zinks
It's true that the service industry is suffering right now. Nearly every restaurant, cafe, and bar is hiring. While some people have said that it's a result of laziness on the part of workers, we're more inclined to believe that people are starting to get sick of suffering bullshit. TikToker @hillary.zinks is one example of a service worker who wasn't about to allow her employers to treat her like crap. After her sister suffered sudden cardiac arrest that resulted in brain death, Hillary explai…
Millennials Say They’re Twenty and Living With Their Parents Without Explicitly Saying That They’re Twenty and Living With Their Parents

Millennials Say They’re Twenty and Living With Their Parents Without Explicitly Saying That They’re Twenty and Living With Their Parents

Mom always knows best
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laundry, product, chores, video, product fail, funny twitter, injury

Vacuum-Powered Laundry Chute Prompts Innuendos And Confusion From Twitter

No body parts allowed
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Article About a TikTok Creator Who Covered Her Toilet With Chia Seeds in an Attempt to Make a Huge Toilet Chia Pet

Woman Attempts To Make Chia Pet Out of Her Toilet

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Crazy story and TikToks about guy who is trying to create a frog army, ecology, animals

Dude Raises 'Frog Army' of 1.4 Million, Sparking Ecological Concerns

What a bad idea.
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