I'm not sure the video killed the radio guy, but it certainly makes for an entertaining topic of discussion, or even a musical classic. If you've ever wondered what would be the result if you just search for video, you won't be disappointed, but maybe try adding a second word to the phrase, you might find what you're looking for.

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Mansplaining Golfer doesn't realize he's talking to a PGA professional, cringe ensues: 'This is actually mental'

Big mistake. HUGE!
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orca man childless parent parents parenting wholesome surprisingly-wholesome advice unsolicited-advice viral tiktok heartwarming

'Orca Man' Goes Viral for Giving Unsolicited, Yet Surprisingly Wholesome Advice to Parents

Not your scheduled programming of unsolicited advice from childless adults
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millennial millennials nostalgia nostalgic elder-millennial millennial-memes relatable millennial-humor lol funny-video tattoos tattoo ink rebellion

Goofy Elder Millennial Reveals Tattoo Designs Perfectly Capturing Your Late 30's

'Tattoos should always have meaning' -Every mom ever
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work, coffee shop, cafe, ai, artificial intelligence, productivity, employee, wtf, twitter, twitter thread

'Stop measuring us and let us be': Coffee shop checks employee productivity with AI, prompts horror from the internet

It's curtains for Olga
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Greg the Beta Fish Gets Frozen Solid, Comes Back to Life, Then Passes Anyways in a Dramatic and Unexpectedly Emotional Rollercoaster (VIDEO)

Via santanaaza
The woes, the triumph, and the downfall of a faith-inspiring fish
chocolate, candy, quality street, karen, video, tiktok, twitter, funny, funny video, complaint, review, angry, freakout

'This is a travesty': British Karen rails against iconic candy changing its wrappers, entertains the internet

0/10 Quality Street
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'Imagine cups being your personality': Customers sell out Stanley Cups in 4 minutes, sparking debate about water bottle consumerism

No relation to hockey
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christmas, christmas presents, gift, gifts, holidays, holiday season, happy holidays, twitter, video, viral videos, moms, mom, gender, family drama, marriage, twitter discourse

'This is so sad': Mom's neglected stocking on Christmas morning exposes holiday gender dynamics

Don't forget about mom!
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'I'm smiling at grandmas, waving at kids, I'm like... a person': American ex-pat sparks debate about quality of life in Europe

Siesta-ing my life away
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question, lgbtq, viral videos, twitter, LGBT, tiktoks, autism, viral tiktok, Economics, LGBT rights, viral video, stupid questions, questions, Video, economy, tiktok

'I refuse the question': Legendary dude refuses to choose between LGBT rights and economic stability, enrages TikToker in the process

We're either living in a golden or dark age of “man on the street" interviews.
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family, parenting, baby, birth, memories, recording, phone, filming, tiktok, twitter, video, debate, controversy, mom, technology, dystopian

'Someone is recording them recording': Family Gets Called Out For Filming New Mom and Baby on Phones, Sparks Debate About Recording Special Moments

They're capturing memories
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"She got married solely to have this moment": Bride performs cringey group dance for groom, enrages Twitter because of course it does

The Class of 2011 dance troupe is back!
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"What a bunch of babies": Self-important couple blows through boarding to get on plane first, refuse to give up seats

Top tier plane freakout
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tiktok video, twitter, saving money, poor, Twitter Thread, viral tiktok, videos, poverty, viral video, twitter reactions, tweets, tweet, black twitter, money, Video, tiktok

Mom Cries After Only Having $200 Left After Paying Bills, Gets Criticized For Being Out of Touch

Is she wrong, though?
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steak, meat, food, wtf, baby, parenting, mom, eating, twitter, video, funny twitter, weaning

Meat Eating Mom Splits Opinion by Feeding Baby Barely Cooked Steak

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Unsuspecting Office Worker Gets Dragged for Food Faux-Pas

That's nasty
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