This Is Getting Real Creepy

Caption that reads, "When ads start popping up for stuff I've only thought about inside my head" above a pic of Michelle from Full House pointing out guns
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Tweet that reads, "My computer: You have updates waiting to be installed; Me: I'll install tomorrow; My computer: ..." above another tweet that reads, "I feel like you lying but okay"
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Whatever, Do Your Thing Computer

Tweet that reads, "Computer: save this image as [arbitrary long number]? Me: yea"
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Shade Thrown!

Pic of a guy, who represents "Apple," holding out a box which represents "The same phone but for a larger price" above a pic of a shocked guy, who represents "Apple fans"
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Every Time

Funny meme about clicking stuff when your coputer isnt loading.
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The Worst

Funny meme about how annoying it is to give tech support to your granny.
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Windows Vs. Apple

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Yo Dawg, I Heard You Liked Phones

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