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'Trillionaires coming into existence’: 20+ Predictions for the next 50 years that will 100% happen

Memebase is still cool
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'He's living the dream': Corporate tech bro gets kudos for quitting 22-year career, becoming goose farmer

An enviable LinkedIn profile
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'45 year mortgages': 20+ Wild predictions for the future that sound pretty plausible

Crystal ball mode activate
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Job posting demands 10 years experience using Generative AI, despite ChatGPT coming out less than 2 years ago: 'Ideal candidate will have good time-travelling skills'

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29-year-old tech worker making $400K annually working 20 hours a week complains about being bored: 'If he quits, good luck finding half that amount'

The dream gig
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'You're an idiot...It's no wonder you did not finish college': Recruiter berates interviewee for not showing up to interview he scheduled incorrectly

Cruel and unusual
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'Definitely asking for trouble': Guy 'works from home' on VR headset on NYC subway, New Yorkers threaten to rob him

New technology is so goofy
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Weekly Internet Roundup: Tech Layoff Clapbacks, Orange Peel Theory, and King Charles vs. Trisha Paytas

Another normal few days online.
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Manager Scolds a Tech Support Guy After He's Found Fixing a Personal Laptop at Work, Gets Humiliated After Learning it's the CEO's Computer

Unless you're a good-haired CEO with shiny shoes and an entire team devoted to acting as your personal away-message, you're most likely falling at the lower end of the totem pole of company power.
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Snarky iPhone Memes With a Charger Sold Separately

Don't you hate it when the texts go green?
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25 Computer Building Memes for Graphic-Driven Gamers

A sad occasion has occurred. Seven years after initially building and upgrading my PC, the system has finally failed. Hours of diagnostics and prodding proved fruitless. My gaming computer has definitely bit the dust. I knew it was coming. The setup was already on its last legs. It's just sad to finally see the day come when it gave up. My desktop has been there for me through thick and thin. But when there's loss, there's room for growth. I'm assembling my new build . There's a lot to consider…
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25 Programming Memes for Computer Code Obsessives (August 20, 2023)

Good Sunday, code connoisseurs and CPU celebrators. Depending on your outlook on life, it's that incredible, or maybe not so incredible, time of the week when we welcome the new week with a company of computer programming comedy ! Buckle up, you're in for some meticulously tech-based memes. I admit this every week. I am by no means a programmer. I've dabbled, I've endured the introductory courses, and I've ultimately failed at my previous aspirations of becoming a programmer. That's not meant t…
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25 Programming Memes for Computer Code Obsessives (August 6, 2023)

Happy Sunday, computer appreciators and C++ Connoisseurs! We're back, once again, this week with a batch of code-intensive internet comedy ! Like many other professions, but specifically this one, programmers have to think on the fly. It doesn't matter what the product is, issues need to be fixed near immediately. The company website isn't functioning as it should be, who else do you call other than the programmer ? They need to be alert 24/7 to fix any issue. Office hours don't apply when the…
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25 Programming Memes for Computer Code Obsessives (July 30, 2023)

Happy Sunday, code connoisseurs! We're back again for another batch of tech-focused memes . Programming isn't easy. It's a field that's reserved for the best, brightest, and most sleep-deprived individuals. Just think about the people who program our everyday luxuries. Game developers. These people are some of the greatest minds developing incredible video games for our consumption. Sure, video games are an entertainment product, but for those of us who game, a great game is the highlight of an…
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25 Programming Memes for Computer Code Obsessives

Happy Sunday, computer wizzes and Java aficionados! We're back this weekend to give you another helping of painfully relatable programming memes. Celebrate your Sunday with some tech industry funnies ! Maybe you practiced programming a little bit throughout high school. Basic scripts, pursuing knowledge in a variety of code languages, the whole thing. Maybe, in retrospect, you weren't incredible at it, but you were very much interested in the field. Your friends and family support your passion.…
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20+ Programming Memes for Computer Code Obsessives (July 9, 2023)

Happy Sunday, programming wizards! We're back this weekend, once again, to provide you with the best and brightest programming memes . Perfect timing, right? How much has ChatGPT affected your life as a programmer? Has it alleviated the stress of programming all on your own? Has it been a hindrance because it's not exactly optimal? Are you staying far, far away from it? Programmers and tech-obsessed individuals probably have a better read on artificial intelligence than your average Joe. Either…
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