What is This? Opposite Day?

China flags made in china - 8174774528

Here at Hotel, We Tell It Like It Is

China - 8171737088

"The World's Largest Army Ain't in China"

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Did U Kno?

China space - 8147396352
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All Video Games Are Now One

China knockoffs seems legit - 8080460544
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Get a Load of This Guy of the Day: Bank Teller in China Laughs at an Awful Robber

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Chinese Millionaire Guangbiao Chen Wants to Buy The New York Times. This is His Business Card.

China monday thru friday g rated - 7994328064
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This Answer is Close Enough to Be Correct

China grammar school - 7975335424
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The Similarity is Uncanny

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Fashion is Pain

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How the Siege of Shanghai Would Actually Look Like in Battlefield 4

China Battlefield 4 - 7941626880
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China is Too Damn Polluted

China Memes jimmy mcmillan too damn high - 7941722624
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The North Pole is Actually in China

China christmas north pole santa - 7939770112
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It's Icy in China

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We Need More Patriotic Fortunes

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Remember for Every Nuke You Have Pointed at 'Murica, We Have Four Pointed Right Back at You. - George Washington

China nukes america - 7881117952
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