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modern living mindwarp list gifs sad but true books - 621061

Remember Books? Wouldn't It Be Cooler if They Had Animated GIFs for Covers?

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The Shame of Being Unbearded

gifs sad but true beards magic - 8443058944
By ToolBee

The Cost of Educating a Child vs. The Price of Housing a Prisoner in The US

Animated GIF that compares charts of the cost of educating child VS. the cost to house a prisoner. Wake up sheeple?
Via Mic Dot Com

Bored at work? Moss has the solution:

Aliens gifs Movies and TV sad but true the IT crowd - 4990598656
By OryuKitty

At Least It's Not Monday

Demotivational poster against Tuesdays of a robot buckling at the knees and falling infront of a door.
Via Senor GIF

Whenever You Think You Are Having a Rough Day

FAIL mindwarp gifs sad but true lawnmowers - 8551235328
By Unknown


gifs humpday jk mascots sad but true soccer - 4925697536
By Unknown

Every Day of My Life

everyday gifs goals sad but true stab video games Videogames - 6537852160
Via Happy Happyist

Snail Imitates Me at a Seafood Restaurant

critters eating fish gifs nature sad but true snail under the sea - 5932936960
By _C_A_T_

Ice Bucket Expectations

gifs sad but true ice bucket challenge - 8298935552
By anselmbe

Time Will Drive You Crazy

clocks gifs sad but true Cats - 8125018112
By ani.s4 (Via Youtube)

Kids Today Will Never Know The Struggle

gifs sad but true video games web comics - 8479256064
Via adamtots

Checking Out Google Maps

google maps wtf computers gifs sad but true google - 6742386432
By Unknown

The Funniest Show

animation gifs patrick sad but true SpongeBob SquarePants TV - 5412646656
By berryfield

When My Girlfriend Tries to Kiss Me While I'm Pissed!

gifs sad but true orcs relationships kissing elves - 6768126976
By Iron-man01

Every One Has a Day The Can Hardly Bear

FAIL gifs bears puns sad but true rice - 8533863936
By jyonasan1957