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sad but true

Pants Are Lame

FAIL gifs guns sad but true true - 4994546176
By Unknown

A Much Better Movie

Arnold Scwharzenegger gifs sad but true terminator - 6158110464
By Unknown

Hip Abductor Strengthening

gifs exercise sad but true - 6687894016
By ToolBee

Spock is Strong But Not Accurate, Man

celeb gifs kirk punch sad but true Spock Star Trek - 5177332480
By OryuKitty

I Have a Dream...

cars gifs Movies and TV sad but true sex that 70s show - 5917514496
By Biggmac4444

Whenever More Than Six Words Appear...

didnt-read gifs lol sad but true The Interwebz - 5640938496
By NyanCatLovesTrollin

There's No Room For Little Kids

FAIL gifs treadmill sad but true - 8563858176
By Unknown

He's Way Into The Game

game game over gifs mindwarp sad but true Videogames wtf - 5947685376
By Beethovania

The World Rotates Around You

cool mindwarp gifs sad but true - 6636919808
By ToolBee

Fail Crane's Epic Sea Voyage

boat crane FAIL gifs sad but true water - 6179235584
By _C_A_T_ (Via Cheezburger)

It's OK, Kid, Disappointment is a Normal Feeling

FAIL gifs kids sad but true baseball - 8573302784
By MarcusLeary

So That's Where My Oakley's Went

animation gifs gross lol rage faces sad but true scary technology - 5369230080
By Unknown

Snug Fit

Funny GIF of bull dog trying to get into a box like certain people put on pants that don't fit.
By ani.s4 (Via Youtube)

Suicidal Snakes Eats Itself

crazy wtf gifs sad but true snake - 6715172096
By _C_A_T_

Nuclear War in a Nut Shell

yikes gifs sad but true matches funny - 7782453504
By Unknown

How to Sleep With a Cat

anime Cats Caturday gifs sad but true - 6217217792
Via Okej