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sad but true

The Pyro's View of War

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By Unknown

I Love My Job, Really

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By Unknown

This is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

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By Unknown

A Segway Attacks Usain Bolt

Via Gizmodo

What Feminism is Doing to Our Kids

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By Unknown

The World Rotates Around You

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By ToolBee

His Breast Role

bruce willis celeb gifs sad but true - 4974380544

Everytime I Play Video Games Instead of Doing my Homework

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By Unknown

That Pole Imitates Her Dreams

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By Unknown

How My Sister Acts When She See a Spider

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By Iron-man01

Thanks For The Reminder of The Futility of Modern Living

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By meganeguard

The Male Gaze is Everywhere

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By Unknown

No, It Isn't, Doctor

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By Unknown

Cat Learns About The Futility of Modern Existance

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By Unknown

This Happens Everyday

GIF of no good food in the fridge
Via Bewbs Cupcakes N Weed

Checking Out Google Maps

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By Unknown