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Bored at work? Moss has the solution:

Aliens gifs Movies and TV sad but true the IT crowd - 4990598656
By OryuKitty

GIF of When I watch T.V With My Girl Friend.

Black and white GIF of a dude and a girl watching something and the guy looks very bored.
By Iron-man01 (Via GIF)

Best Casino Ad

gifs sad but true - 8489558272
By sebenty

Some Thoughts Are Best Left Unexpressed

Via Nameless PCs

The Pyro's View of War

gifs sad but true steam team fortress video games Videogames - 6375827200
By Unknown

French Bulldog Begins Its Existential Crisis

bulldog critters existentialism gifs sad but true Sundog - 5841476096
By _C_A_T_ (Via

In The Heat of The Moment Things Happen

cows dogs gifs humpday love sad but true - 6300464896
By fareon


animation gifs mondays not really sad but true winnie the pooh - 6353814528
By 19Zoey88

Everyday Reality

celeb doctor who gifs news sad but true - 5163825920
By berryfield

Kids Are The Future

gifs kids drills sad but true - 8147332096
Via Bing

Pug Steals Pacifier

baby critters gifs pugs sad but true Sundog thief - 5062335488
By _C_A_T_ (Via

When your friend introduces you to someone for the first time, and leaves to take a phone call.

GIF of Kermit The Frog and Christian Bale nodding at each other in faux agreement
By Chan14551

Puppy Really Wants The Tennis Ball

balls dogs gifs puppies sad but true tennis - 8510194176
By Unknown

Watch a Man Die Inside

gifs sad but true poker funny - 7777446656
By sebenty

Another Bug With iOS8

iPhones gifs sad but true apple - 8455311104
By ToolBee

Pants Are Lame

FAIL gifs guns sad but true true - 4994546176
By Unknown