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sad but true

Skyrim Bonus Mode!

awesome gifs jk sad but true Skyrim video games Videogames - 5439640832
Via Rubber Ross

Nature Can't Support Humans

FAIL gifs sad but true science tree trees - 6583203328
By Unknown

Spiderman Can't Fight

celeb fight gifs sad but true Spider-Man superheros - 5021252352
By Unknown

How Blind Dates Usually Go

animation cartoons gifs sad but true - 5845413632
By Quantaur

How I Feel Trying to Climb The Corporate Ladder

ouch trees gifs sad but true fall - 7022711552
By Iron-man01

Batman is Disappointed

animation batman gifs sad but true superheros - 5068014592
By Unknown

The Grocery Store With Bees And Without

Via GallowBoob

Another Day, Another Ice Glacier Collapse

apocalypse gifs sad but true yikes - 8267473408
By Unknown

Modern Art

art swipe gifs sad but true texting - 8464428544
By anselmbe

When You Eat Cute Food

animation anime ice cream penguin polar bear sad but true - 6531278336
By meganeguard (Via Beware of MPREG)


anthropomorphizing birds buses critters facts gifs public transportation sad but true Turkey - 4829985024
By Unknown

Perfect Summary

FAIL gifs mondays sad but true perfect - 6866315520
By Unknown

Every Time I Do the Dishes

Via Book of Adam

When Someone You Hate Says Something Funny

celeb gifs realization sad but true - 6347090688
By sixonefive72

Reality is Crumbling

animation anime gifs reality sad but true simulacrum yikes - 5903098880
By Unknown

This Is What You Look Like Taking a Selfie

gifs sad but true selfie - 8376972800
By Unknown
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