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sad but true

The Pyro's View of War

gifs sad but true steam team fortress video games Videogames - 6375827200
Created by Unknown

RIP, Spider Boy

spiders gifs kids wasted sad but true - 8362088192
Via Brown Cardigan

A Surprising Way to Go

Via Senor GIF

Cats Love Black Clothing

fashion gifs sad but true Caturday dress Cats - 6770465536
Created by meganeguard ( Via Emmy C )

Being a DJ is So Hard

Music gifs sad but true - 8474798592
Created by anselmbe

But I Think Those Pills Were Made From Stardust

Via Senor GIF

Do You Feel Anything?

bird cat Caturday dgaf gifs sad but true - 4977660160
Created by Unknown

Bird Does an Imitation of The American Dream

ouch FAIL birds gifs sad but true - 8568495616
Created by Unknown

Thanks For The Reminder of The Futility of Modern Living

life gifs SpongeBob SquarePants sad but true fish - 7016248576
Created by meganeguard

Every Day of My Life

everyday gifs goals sad but true stab video games Videogames - 6537852160
Via Happy Happyist

Woman Have It Tougher

shoes racing woman gifs sad but true funny - 7739815424
Created by berryfield

The Best Days of Summer/Fall/Winter/Spring

gifs sad but true Videogames super mario childhood video games - 6635415552
Via Dribble

I'm Sorry, Monday

forever alone gifs sad but true mondays - 6813927936
Created by meganeguard ( Via Kotzendes Einhorn )

This Guy Understands What's Important

drinks gifs sad but true critters dinosaurs - 8538739968

When You Realize The Person Your Friend is Making Fun Of, Is Actually You

laughs gifs sad but true lol reactions - 8474089216
Created by Fluid77

Every Time I Do the Dishes

Via Book of Adam
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