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Puns are basically half-jokes that died somewhere along the way on their journey towards being funny, and that makes some people laugh.


bones corgi critters duck gifs puns Sundog - 4802900480
Via Youtube

Owl Cool Off Now

gifs water puns owls - 8276474880
By SatevisM

I Won't Fall For That

FAIL fall First World Prob First World Problems gifs ouch puns - 6497614336
By Unknown

Don't Lose Your Head

heads FAIL gifs puns fall - 8496054016
By Unknown

Fire Off The Wheels!

epic FAIL gifs puns race car wheels - 5011498240
By _C_A_T_ (Via

Hold On To Your Drawers

gifs puns drawers Cats funny - 7466881024
Via Youtube

Donut Tease Me!

cops donuts gifs mindwarp puns riot tease - 6328473600
By Iron-man01

Not What I Expected When Ordering Chow-Mein

gifs puppies puns funny - 7538075648
By Unknown


animation bird camera critters gifs puns want - 4682749184
By Unknown

Whenever You Feel Down, Focus on This GIF

Via Robots For Robots

Ellen is Such a Pusher

celeb ellen gifs puns push - 6445875456
By ArtBot

Getting Into Upper Management

climbing gifs mindwarp Office puns - 6472843776
By Unknown

Back in The Habit

gifs puns nuns theft beer FAIL - 6656756992
By Unknown

A Psyber Punk Classic

the matrix gifs puns psy - 8279593728
Via Bing

Can you believe this guy?

rage gifs puns otters - 8446656512
By anselmbe

Micropig Working On Their Hamstrings

gifs puns pig - 7994085376
By Unknown
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