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Puns are basically half-jokes that died somewhere along the way on their journey towards being funny, and that makes some people laugh.

What a Tale, Alien

memes Aliens gifs creatures puns tails - 8347108352
By anselmbe

Banks Are Really Snaking the Fees in There

ATM banks critters gifs puns snakes Spain topical - 5386887168
By Unknown

Spin Cycle

cool gifs motorcycle puns spin stunt win - 5789993984
By Unknown

Feeling Beary Itchy

bears critters cute gifs itch puns - 6536651776

Nunja Ya Business

awesome fighting gifs martial arts mindwarp ninjas nuns puns wtf - 5269470208

Mammary Mondays: Babes and Donuts

babes bikini cars donuts gifs humpday mammaries puns - 6074360064
By Unknown

Classic: Mondays Are Unbearable

Case Of The Mondays critters gifs mondays polar bear puns - 5185992448
By Unknown

Not What I Expected When Ordering Chow-Mein

gifs puppies puns funny - 7538075648
By Unknown


awesome puns skittles Videogames win zelda - 4624502016

Can't Bear The Suspense

GIF of a Formula 1 Style team changing the tire like a pit crew when suddenly, a bear arrives and chases everyone away.
By Unknown

What the Shelf?

bad puns collapse FAIL gifs puns yikes - 5357475584
By _C_A_T_ (Via

This Affair Disrupted my Sole

shoes gifs puns sad but true love - 7153229056
By lolclonewars

A Head Off The Empire

decapitation gifs Movies and TV punch puns star wars - 6217375488
By sebenty

Whale Thanks, Friend!

gifs puns waving whales - 7150825728
By Iron-man01

Mammary Mondays: Water Jugs

gifs water puns bikini mammaries - 6847039232
By Unknown

The Bear Necessities

bears gifs puns washing wtf winter - 7011102720
By Iron-man01