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This Affair Disrupted my Sole

shoes gifs puns sad but true love - 7153229056
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ouch pain slaps FAIL gifs misandry love - 7277764096
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critters farm field humping love pig - 4149783296
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Strange Love Story

Cats Caturday chicken gifs love romance - 6053495040
Created by TSGIGOR

Love Will Change You

gifs awesome robots love - 8110175232
Created by anselmbe

Love Hurts

nerds FAIL gifs anime love - 8539351040
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Kitty Visits Detained Lover

Cats Caturday cute gifs love window - 5232882944
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We Call Him Smooch

Cats gifs kissing love - 8204285184
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Otters Holding Hands

critters cute friendship gifs hands love otters survival - 5657575936
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Rule 34

animation bear chicken kissing love pedobear really wtf wtf - 5653417472
Created by Asciicodeplus

Seagulls Love Donuts

critters donuts gifs love seagulls - 6319818240
Created by _C_A_T_

An Apt Metaphor for Commitment

gifs historiclol love tightrope weddings - 5526923008
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Owl Loves Dog

critters cute dogs gifs love owls - 5543756288
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emotions flipping the bird gifs jail little person love middle finger The Interwebz wtf - 4085360128
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Boston Terrier Loves Tickles

boston terriers gifs cute love - 7432329728
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Nature is Disgusted With Your Love

animals gifs humpday love nature sad but true - 6470183424
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