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chinchillas critters cute gifs glasses love - 4743092224

Baby Guinea Pig loves Boston Terrier

boston terrier critters cute dogs gifs guinea pig love Sundog - 6414437376
By _C_A_T_ (Via The Daily What)

Sad But True

best of week FAIL gifs love sad but true - 5394110720
By Bendyrulz

She Drives Me Crazy

gifs humpday love magic - 4994546944
By Unknown

In The Heat of The Moment Things Happen

cows dogs gifs humpday love sad but true - 6300464896
By fareon

Hugging a Porcupine Shirtless For Some Reason

porcupine wtf gifs hugging love - 7035432192
By Unknown

Nature is Disgusted With Your Love

animals gifs humpday love nature sad but true - 6470183424
By Unknown

This Dog Loves His Bucket

gifs buckets love - 8190048768
By Unknown

Otters Holding Hands

critters cute friendship gifs hands love otters survival - 5657575936
By _C_A_T_ (Via

Tender Lovin' GIF

Funny gif of a person trying to hug a dolphin but it looks like that dolphin wants to be more than just friends.

More Than Meets The Eye

animation cartoons gifs love massages transformers - 4937058560
By nickmaster123

Oh Snap!

disney movies love frozen - 8017173248
By Unknown

Our Love Is Not Meant To Be

gifs sad but true giraffes love ostrich - 6983452928
By djcat595

Never Stop Licking

Cats Caturday critters cute gifs love shiba Sundog - 6499919872
By jyonasan1957


drama gender issues gifs love Movies and TV - 4763458816
By _C_A_T_

Tough Love

sports gifs KISS pushing love - 7001040640
By Iron-man01
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