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What a Cute Couple

forever alone gifs kissing love - 7411327488
Created by Unknown

Where's The Love?!

gifs romance cartoons love - 8541243392
Created by Unknown


Cat -
Created by sixonefive72

Wrestling With Love

gif of pro wrestler Shawn Michaels thrown out of the ring and immediately posing for a picture
Via Know Your Meme

Ready 4 Love

wtf gifs awesome love spank reaction dude - 6726609664
Via Pen Police

S̡͔̠̱͊̉̐o͙̝͓̝̝̺̰͐ͩͨ͐̄̏͛͡ ̵̜̃T̓ḫ̨͔͈͈͕̈́é̫̹̙͎̓͜ͅr̠̞̗̉͒̕ễ

april fools gifs love sistah wtf - 6046210816
Created by Valerie

Spoiler Alert?

best of week celeb gifs Harry Potter hermione love Ron Weasley train - 5393646848
Created by berryfield

Hearty Cake

cake gifs heart love mindwarp nom nom nom Valentines day - 5783582464
Created by Unknown

Tender Lovin' GIF

Funny gif of a person trying to hug a dolphin but it looks like that dolphin wants to be more than just friends.


emotions gifs love marriage stunt win - 4963139328
Created by Unknown


celeb gifs Harry Potter love mother snape - 5415222272
Created by berryfield


donkey gifs love Movies and TV shrek yes - 4901364224
Created by Tobi

The Quest to Find Satisfaction With Existence

gifs turtles love web comics - 8291739648
Via Noob The Loser

Ta-Ta Thursdays: No Problems

gifs humpday kids love mammaries smile - 6148036096
Created by Chaos-maker

Boston Terrier Loves Tickles

boston terriers gifs cute love - 7432329728
Created by Unknown

Cute Owl Loves Being Scratched

bird critters cute gifs love owls scratching - 5958187008
Created by TSGIGOR ( Via )