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bikes cars crash FAIL gifs tour de france - 4963137536
Created by Unknown

Whoops! Sorry, Wrong Adress ....

CCTV crash driving FAIL gifs idiots suv wtf - 6070834176
Created by _C_A_T_

Knock 'em Down

cars crash Dominoes FAIL gifs wtf - 6260750336
Created by Unknown

Mama Mia, That's Dumb Accident!

yikes FAIL gifs crash traffic - 7072969728
Created by _C_A_T_ ( Via Cheezburger )

GIF - Passing In The Winter Can Be Dangerous

GIf of someone trying to pass on the road in the winter and spins out and looses the back of his car to trucks going the other direction.

Wait, This Isn't My Garage

crash FAIL garage gifs wait wtf - 5536801792
Created by Unknown

Hey Girl... Do You Have Health Insurance?

driving bewbs motorcycle crash - 7762324480
Created by anselmbe

Ancient Greeks Can't Drive Very Well

300 crash FAIL gifs mindwarp seems legit wtf - 6416784384
Created by Iron-man01

Westie Collision

gifs dogs cute crash critters - 6652932096
Created by Unknown

Infrared Camera Captures a Car Crash

racing FAIL gifs cars crash funny - 7790669824
Created by Unknown

Did I Do That?

crash FAIL gifs jet plane yikes - 5468486656
Created by Unknown


crash FAIL gifs ladies lol segways - 4962605056
Created by Unknown

Everything Runs on Cola

Coca Cola signs lands unintentionally like an ad for the product
Via This crash was brought to you by... | Reddit

Classic: Sneaky Barrier

barrier cars crash FAIL gifs sneaky - 5412380928
Created by Unknown

What Are You Doing Driving Like That?

crash driving FAIL gifs wtf yikes - 5734440192
Created by Unknown


best of week crash FAIL gifs ouch - 5529473024
Created by lol_saint
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