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Car Doors Are Dangerous

crash FAIL gifs ouch scooters - 5012590080

Zero to 15 Mph to Zero Teeth

kid teeth crash bike - 8493268480
Created by sebenty

That's Not How You Get Gas

crash FAIL fire gas station gifs idiot - 6009658880

Why is There a Motorcycle Shop in my Parking Spot?

cars close call crash FAIL gifs motorcycles - 5783289856

What Are You Doing Driving Like That?

crash driving FAIL gifs wtf yikes - 5734440192

Plane Hits SUV While Trying To Land

yikes gifs suv plane crash - 6738577152
Created by _C_A_T_

Enjoy The Splendor Of Nature, But Pay Attention

nature FAIL cars crash moose funny - 7734713600


crash FAIL gifs new york police roads - 4853560320
Via Youtube

Walls Are Good Brakes

crash FAIL gifs motorcycle ouch stunt - 5220210944

Commercial Helicopter Crash

cars crash FAIL gifs helicopter yikes - 6091371776

Such a Boring Day at Burger Shot

yawn wtf gifs Videogames crash - 6958231808


FAIL gifs planes crash - 7957082368
Created by anselmbe

Go Kart Crash, Flip & Burn

crash FAIL flames gifs go kart yikes - 6208832256
Created by _C_A_T_ ( Via Cheezburger )


best of week crash FAIL gifs ouch - 5529473024
Created by lol_saint

Police Make Mistakes

crash FAIL gifs police whoops - 4998969600

He zoomied too fast

Via Reddit
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