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Enjoy The Splendor Of Nature, But Pay Attention

nature FAIL cars crash moose funny - 7734713600
By Unknown

Extreme Crash

cars crash extreme FAIL gifs - 6345608448
By Unknown

Hit The Brakes

yikes FAIL gifs close call extreme crash - 6773327616
By Unknown

Wanna Go For a Ride?

bus crash FAIL gifs wtf yikes - 6433452288
By Asciicodeplus

Walking Away From a Crazy Crash

cars crash crazy explosion FAIL gifs - 5916823808
By Unknown

Commercial Helicopter Crash

cars crash FAIL gifs helicopter yikes - 6091371776
By Unknown

Wheels Be Gone!

cars crash FAIL gifs racing wheels yikes - 6253812736
By Unknown

Double Dash-Cam Crash

FAIL gifs crash dash cam - 6711734016
By ToolBee

Great Take-Off

yikes FAIL gifs planes crash - 7077844992
By Unknown


best of week crash FAIL gifs ouch - 5529473024
By lol_saint

Maybe They Won't Notice

crash FAIL gifs lol truck work sucks - 5706863360
By Unknown

How to Waste Thousands Of Dollars in a Few Seconds

piano wtf FAIL gifs cars crash - 7077647872
By Unknown

Hey Girl... Do You Have Health Insurance?

driving bewbs motorcycle crash - 7762324480
By anselmbe

Amazing Rescue in Utah

best of week crash gifs The Interwebz yikes - 5199440384
Via SlTrib

Drag Race Fail

cars crash FAIL gifs yikes - 6149787136
By Unknown

I Guess Crashing at 104MPH Isn't Good For Radio Controlled Cars

crash epic explosion FAIL gifs high speed RC car - 4974261760
By Unknown