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Wait, This Isn't My Garage

crash FAIL garage gifs wait wtf - 5536801792

Controlling Physics And Time

bikini boat crash Deal With It gifs reverse - 6560375808

Packing a Car Shouldn't Be This Hard

cars crash FAIL gifs whoops - 6137820416

Move Out of the Way

Black and white gif of an Air France airliner snag a much smaller airplane and spin it around.

The World's First Pedestrian Airbag

airbags cars crash gifs mindwarp wtf - 5942298112
Created by _C_A_T_

Why is There a Motorcycle Shop in my Parking Spot?

cars close call crash FAIL gifs motorcycles - 5783289856

The Bike Race Market Just Crashed

ouch FAIL gifs bikes crash - 7380167680

Something Tells Me They Failed Their Test

GIF of someone failing very badly at a driving test.

Enjoy The Splendor Of Nature, But Pay Attention

nature FAIL cars crash moose funny - 7734713600

Infrared Camera Captures a Car Crash

racing FAIL gifs cars crash funny - 7790669824

Coming Through

FAIL gifs snows cars crash - 7061491712

Snowmobile Crash

crash epic FAIL gifs jump snowmobile - 5752219392

Got Him

crash FAIL gifs pay attention - 5430150656
Created by Vinícius Dotto

A Drunk Driver Crashes Into a Cop Who Pulled Over Another Drunk Driver

epic FAIL gifs cars idiots crash police - 7016977152

That's Not How You Make a U-Turn

cars crash FAIL gifs wtf - 6610216448


crash data gifs Movies and TV pun Worf - 3974972160
Created by magicalH