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They See Me Dancin', They Hatin'...

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Created by OryuKitty

This DUI Test Appears Rigged

cops gifs prank Pranks for the Memories wtf - 6586783744
Created by _C_A_T_ ( Via Cheezburger )

Party Police!

awesome beer best of week cops gifs police win - 5218998528
Created by _C_A_T_ ( Via )

Ghostbuster Does Flip Off Cop Car, Goes Directly To Jail

cops FAIL jail gifs car flip - 6718368256
Created by _C_A_T_

Watch Out For That Speed Bump

cops FAIL gifs ouch motorcycles - 8323352832
Created by Unknown


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Created by _C_A_T_

Another Corrupt Cop

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Created by Unknown

Copper Just Kicking It

cops FAIL gifs kick ouch - 5658925568
Created by Unknown

What Are You Doing, Officer?!

cops wtf gifs driving police - 6749039872
Created by Unknown

What Not to do When Drunk Around a Cop

anger cops drinking drunk gifs rage St Patrick's Day - 6004733184
Created by Unknown

This is in Know Way Reflective of How Cops Are Instructed to Deal With Situations

cops wtf gifs bruce willis seems legit - 4115300608
Created by Anubis777
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