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Tax Money Hard At Work FAIL!

Crowd - ili
By ToolBee

Pup on The Run From The Law

cops gifs puppies running no fear - 7346335488
By Unknown

And Start The Appropriate NWA Song

cops gifs lol Pranks for the Memories skateboarding trick - 6154018816
Via Leona Radke

Almost Got It, Guy

cops FAIL gifs fall - 8235116544
Via Senor Gif

One Way to Get Out of a Ticket

accident cops FAIL gifs ouch - 5605227008
By Unknown

Cops Sure Were Different in The 1980's

cops dancing wtf gifs 1980s - 7130441728
By Unknown

St. Louis Cops DGAF

cops wtf motorcycles gifs party hard - 7020188160
By Unknown

Watch Out For That Speed Bump

cops FAIL gifs ouch motorcycles - 8323352832
By Unknown

Pet The Player

cops cute dogs gifs lol mindwarp pets - 6569960704
Via Pigeon Eyed Devil Woman

This is in Know Way Reflective of How Cops Are Instructed to Deal With Situations

cops wtf gifs bruce willis seems legit - 4115300608
By Anubis777

This is Almost Entrapment

GIF of a hot car starting to race and then turns out it is a cop car.
By MarcusLeary

Closing a Door is Hard

cops FAIL gifs - 6336077568
By Unknown

Ninjas Vs. Cops

awesome cops gifs Movies and TV ninjas seems legit win - 5509812992
Via Youtube

I'm a Cop, You Idiot

cops FAIL gifs cars - 7958469888
By Unknown

For Some Reason I Hear The Metal Gear Alert Sound When I Watch This

cops metal gear solid gifs - 8419987712
Via Reddit

Batman Looks a Little Different

babes batman cops gifs humpday wtf - 6238139648
By Unknown
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