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Batman Pulled Over

batman celeb cops gifs jerk lamborghini sad but true - 6048391168
By _C_A_T_ (Via The Daily What Geeks)

Pup on The Run From The Law

cops gifs puppies running no fear - 7346335488
By Unknown

Pet The Player

cops cute dogs gifs lol mindwarp pets - 6569960704
Via Pigeon Eyed Devil Woman

Donut Tease Me!

cops donuts gifs mindwarp puns riot tease - 6328473600
By Iron-man01

Closing a Door is Hard

cops FAIL gifs - 6336077568
By Unknown

Reminder: Cops Are Super Calm And Reasonable

cops guns gifs sad but true - 8482630912
By Unknown

Good Try

GIF of a cop trying to stop a skateboarder from grinding the rails but fails to stop him and the cop tumbles down the stairs.
Via Lick Nugo

Almost Got It, Guy

cops FAIL gifs fall - 8235116544
Via Senor Gif

Fight The Power With The Power

cops gifs zen power - 6999745280
By Unknown

Cops Sure Were Different in The 1980's

cops dancing wtf gifs 1980s - 7130441728
By Unknown

Dancing Cops Keep The Peace

dancing cops gifs - 8092101888
By Unknown

The Door Came Alive And Took Him

cops doors gifs RENO 911 funny - 7647140608
Via Youtube

I High-Fived The Law, And We Both Won

cops motorcycles high fives gifs - 7376060928
By PokeDerp123

Clumsy Cop

yikes cops guns - 8210335488
By ToolBee

Brazilian Cops Chase Down Plane

cops brazil wtf gifs planes funny - 7462394368
By Unknown

Ghostbuster Does Flip Off Cop Car, Goes Directly To Jail

cops FAIL jail gifs car flip - 6718368256
By _C_A_T_