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This is Simultaneously The Stupidest and The Coolest Thing You Can Do

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And He's Gone

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Ok, This is Guy is So Good at Riding a Bike He Glitches the World

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Typical Day Riding a Bike

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Road Rash Re-hash

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Tree Climbing Biker

GIF of a bicycle rider bouncing his bike up a tree.
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When You Get Bored Riding Your Bikes

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By Iron-man01

Ramping Up

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By _C_A_T_

Does He Ever Get Dizzy?!

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So That's How The Elves Stay So Fit

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The World's First Bike Rider

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It's More Comfortable Than It Looks

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Perfect Dismount

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GIF: Bike Race Turns Into a Dash

Funny GIF of a bike race that turns into a running race because of a fallen bike obstacle.
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We've All Been Riding a Bike The Wrong Way

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