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When Are They Gonna Finish Jumping?

stunts gifs bikes funny win - 7725122048
By nikadiler (Via Acid Cow)

This Wasn't Thought Out Well At All

bbq bikes FAIL gifs jump funny ouch - 7918161152
By ToolBee


gifs cheating bikes ramps win - 8527489792
By anselmbe

Wall-Riding a Bike

crazy gifs bikes - 6888141312
By ToolBee

He Didn't See The Sign

ouch FAIL gifs signs bikes - 7303205632
By Unknown

The Bike Runner Says

bikes gifs haters gonna hate win - 6395592960
By dan

This Makes Me Uncomfortable

bikes gifs stunts win yikes - 6614322432
By Iron-man01

Properly Loading Your Trial-Bike

stunts motorcycles gifs bikes flips win - 8182928896
By ToolBee

Bike Parkour

bikes gifs mindwarp parkour - 8334439168
By ToolBee

I Guess It's Used in More Places Than Previously Thought

Akira anime bikes cool corgi gifs lol win - 6585479168
By Unknown

BMX Bottle Opener

gifs bikes funny bottles win - 7453605120
By ToolBee


bikes gifs jumping mindwarp racing when you see it - 4990964480
By Unknown

Now That's a Bike Jump

gifs jumps bikes flips - 8118128640
By ToolBee

Don't Celebrate Until Its Over

ouch FAIL gifs bikes - 8147270144
Via Google

Meanwhile, in Russia

wtf gifs soldiers bikes - 8292794368
By Gamefreek24the2d

That Seems Like a Practical Way to Share a Bike

amazing bikes gifs sharing win - 5280731136
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