Señor GIF


He Didn't See The Sign

ouch FAIL gifs signs bikes - 7303205632
By Unknown

They Have Endless Supplies

gifs bikes ramps - 8561544448
By ToolBee

Infinite Ramping

gifs bikes ramps jumping - 8301229824
By ToolBee

A Good Example of Karma

wtf FAIL gifs bikes - 8465921024
By anselmbe

Parking A Bike Like A Boss

gifs parking bikes boss - 6658628608
By _C_A_T_ (Via Break)

Auto-Inflating Airbag Helmet

helmets gifs bikes funny the future - 7752346368
By Unknown

We Never Learned What Happened to This Biker

gifs bikes jumping - 8308845056
Via Bing


dogs lights mindwarp gifs bikes Cats funny - 7740680192
By Unknown

Probably Should Give Up

ouch FAIL gifs bikes funny - 7701787392
By Unknown

Whoops, Missed The Bridge

FAIL gifs bikes - 8277662976
By Unknown

The Insidious Puddle

FAIL gifs bikes puddles - 7216165376
By mondomix (Via Youtube)


bikes bus cars close call crash danger The Interwebz traffic wtf - 3927412224
By Unknown

This Makes Me Uncomfortable

bikes gifs stunts win yikes - 6614322432
By Iron-man01

Watch Your Gate

ouch FAIL gifs gates bikes - 8285712640
By Unknown

Meanwhile, in Russia

wtf gifs soldiers bikes - 8292794368
By Gamefreek24the2d

Amazing Bike Flip

gifs bikes flips win - 7111475200
By Unknown