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Captcha doesn't work, guys - gif

Funny GIF of a robot clicking onto the I AM NOT A ROBOT of a CAPTCHA to prevent exactly that sort of thing.
By tamaleknight (Via gif)

Canadian Rednecks

FAILS gifs cars rednecks - 7310568448
By Unknown

Almost Cleared It

FAILS gifs funny trucks - 7854529280
By Unknown

Brazilian Thug Fails to Stay Above The Law (And Roof)

FAILS brazil gifs crime - 7162647296
By TSGIGOR (Via Youtube)

Trust Fall Fail

FAILS gifs trust fall funny - 7881124608
By anselmbe

Lion Misgauges The Door

FAILS lions doors gifs critters funny - 7737280768
By ani.s4 (Via Youtube)

Guess It Isn't All Terrain

FAILS gifs stairs funny - 7821364736
By Unknown


cars crash FAILS gifs Movies and TV top gear - 4867660032
By Unknown

Tuukka Rask's Fail

FAILS whoops hockey - 7192396288
By TSGIGOR (Via Youtube)

Was This an Accident?

ouch FAILS gifs soccer funny - 7569325824
By Unknown

You Can't Always Make Your Goals

ouch FAILS Music jump gifs funny - 7482480896
By Unknown

What Were You Expecting to Happen?

ouch FAILS gifs iceberg fall - 7300869376
By TSGIGOR (Via Youtube)

Full Body Work Out

FAILS gym gifs exercises - 7604238592
By Unknown

Oh That Headwind

GIF of very funny pole vaulter failing after getting caught in a strong headwind.
By ToolBee

DIY Waterboarding

ouch FAILS gifs water funny - 7797950720
By ToolBee

I Believe I Can Fly

FAILS dunks fat guy sports gifs jumps - 7383678208
By Iron-man01