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One of The Most Classic Fails of All Time

ouch FAILS gifs watermelon - 8137129216
By anselmbe
classic fails

12 Classic Fails That We Hope People Learned From

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this woman makes funny robots that don't work

This Woman Makes Hilarious Sh*tty Robots (8 GIFs)

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Crane, STAHP

FAILS yikes gifs stahp close call funny cranes - 7446818560
By Unknown

Does That Mean The Engine is Flooded?

FAILS russia wtf gifs cars parking - 7325154560
By anselmbe

Tank Drives Through House in Minnesota

FAIL FAILS gifs lol Minnesota tanks - 6187104256
By _C_A_T_

Really, A Smooth Recovery

FAILS gifs falling - 7380226048
By Unknown
fifteen hilarious gifs that will make you feel good about life again

15 Hilarious GIFs To Restore Your Faith

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And You Thought American Politicians Were Stupid

FAILS gifs rob ford - 7346551040
By Unknown

Are You Not Even Paying Attention?

FAILS gifs cars - 6875009536
By Unknown

I Meant to Do That

FAILS gifs horse - 7102183168
By ani.s4 (Via Youtube)

I Felt That From Here

ouch FAILS kicks gifs bikes nutshots - 7320461056
By Captainlemon7 (Via Youtube)

If You Are Drunk And Don't Know How to Fight, Don't Fight

FAILS drinking gifs fights funny - 7628760576
By Unknown

Failure - Frog GIF

slow motion fail of frog not catching that fly
By PGomes1983 (Via

We're Getting Too Old For This

FAILS sports gifs basketball funny fall - 7415913728
By Iron-man01

Trust Fall Fail

FAILS gifs trust fall funny - 7881124608
By anselmbe