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You Probably Shouldn't Have Flaming Hot Liquid Poured Into Your Mouth

FAILS drinking bars gifs fire funny - 7443405056
By Unknown

Almost Escaped

FAILS yikes gifs freaky crash funny - 7453518592
By ToolBee

You Can't Always Make Your Goals

ouch FAILS Music jump gifs funny - 7482480896
By Unknown

That Pedestrian Passed Their Luck Roll

FAILS yikes gifs Pedestrian - 7954011392
By Unknown

Really, A Smooth Recovery

FAILS gifs falling - 7380226048
By Unknown

Pro Attitude

FAILS sports gifs tennis funny - 7460996864
By anselmbe

What Not to Do When You Lock Your Keys in The Car

FAILS kicks gifs funny fall - 7797896704
By sebenty

Tank Drives Through House in Minnesota

FAIL FAILS gifs lol Minnesota tanks - 6187104256
By _C_A_T_

I Meant to Do That

FAILS gifs horse - 7102183168
By ani.s4 (Via Youtube)

Deer Gets On And Off a Bus

FAILS yikes gifs critters deer funny bus - 7466598400
By Unknown

Everyday Has New Challenges

FAILS gifs kids tripping funny fall - 7459540224
By Unknown

Coulda Been Worse

ouch FAILS gifs flips funny - 7802350080
By Unknown

Falling on a Motorcycle Wheel Has to Hurt

ouch FAILS motorcycles gifs wheels - 7353981696
By Unknown

Slip And Slide Rodeo Seems Dangerous

FAILS wtf slip and slide gifs fire trucks - 7406087680
By Unknown

Looks About Ankle Deep

FAILS mindwarp gifs water - 7355358976
By Iron-man01

That's Gonna Leave a Mark

ouch FAILS gifs bottles - 7355391232
By Iron-man01