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12 Classic Fails That We Hope People Learned From

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Putting Tannerite in a Microwave is a Bad Idea

FAILS yikes explosions gifs close call - 7374341120
Created by Unknown


cars crash FAILS gifs Movies and TV top gear - 4867660032
Created by Unknown

Falling on a Motorcycle Wheel Has to Hurt

ouch FAILS motorcycles gifs wheels - 7353981696
Created by Unknown

Hi, My Name is Horse, And This is Jackass

FAILS gifs horses funny jumping - 7429860096
Created by Iron-man01

Some Shelves Aren't Built For Cats

Cats gifs FAILS - 8007568640
Created by Unknown

How Do I Park?

FAILS yikes gifs garage parking trucks - 7309716224
Created by Unknown

Tank Drives Through House in Minnesota

FAIL FAILS gifs lol Minnesota tanks - 6187104256
Created by _C_A_T_

Not So Smart Bomb

FAILS yikes bombs whoops gifs funny - 7554765824
Created by ToolBee

You Probably Shouldn't Have Flaming Hot Liquid Poured Into Your Mouth

FAILS drinking bars gifs fire funny - 7443405056
Created by Unknown

Brazilian Thug Fails to Stay Above The Law (And Roof)

FAILS brazil gifs crime - 7162647296
Created by TSGIGOR ( Via Youtube )

Deer Gets On And Off a Bus

FAILS yikes gifs critters deer funny bus - 7466598400
Created by Unknown

Russian Fire Truck

FAILS yikes russia gifs fire funny - 7652037632
Created by Unknown

Lion Misgauges The Door

FAILS lions doors gifs critters funny - 7737280768
Created by ani.s4 ( Via Youtube )

He Sort of Rescued This Sheep

FAILS whoops gifs sheep rescue - 7411328256
Created by Unknown

Was This an Accident?

ouch FAILS gifs soccer funny - 7569325824
Created by Unknown