Rage Comics


Am I Dead Yet?

pain shower sunburn hot shower funny - 7456711424
Created by Unknown

So Delicious But So Painful

trollface pain doritos - 7827305984
Created by Unknown

Classic: Nice Phone-Shaped Bruise

drop face pain phone Rage Comics - 5618323200
Created by AllieBear

I Never Learn

pain Challenge Accepted shaving - 8188152576
Created by Trigentify
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It Only Adds to My Pain

pain doctor voicemail bills expensive money - 7392751360
Created by elizabethd22

Sweet Mary Mother of God That Hurt

i lied ouch pain Rage Comics shot - 4994757632
Created by Unknown

It's Too Early for This Switch

fu guy pain Rage Comics waking up - 5783116032
Created by rondomness

It Was So Much Better When I Could at Least Taste It!

pain spicy fire bathroom food - 8406536960
Created by Unknown

No More Fingerprints

fu guy me gusta pain Rage Comics wax - 5114009856
Created by Milkawlgone

Contact Rage

contact lenses Y U NO pain - 7944800512
Created by Unknown


braces hurt ouch pain Rage Comics ugh - 4754865152
Created by Unknown

It's Very Painful...

pain oh god why - 8223305472
Created by Unknown

I WAS Showing Restraint!

pain table flipping - 6538948608
Created by Unknown

Why Did I Ignore the Dentist's Advice?

pain - 6544686848
Created by Kat097

Basketball Problems

basketball pain - 7913882112
Created by Yourfavoritelolcat