Rage Comics


Flu Shot Rage

rage pain - 8310730752
Created by DissolveTheKitten


braces hurt ouch pain Rage Comics ugh - 4754865152

Totally Worth It

cereal mouth pain Rage Comics sweet jesus - 4846433280

Classic: Nice Phone-Shaped Bruise

drop face pain phone Rage Comics - 5618323200
Created by AllieBear

It Was So Much Better When I Could at Least Taste It!

pain spicy fire bathroom food - 8406536960

Dream Beating

dreaming hand pain Rage Comics sleeping - 5509201408
Created by VWbusofdestiny

Pleasure and Pain

faptimes pain Rage Comics - 6125011456

But It Really Hurts

bee pain Rage Comics scale - 4846600960

Pushpin Rage

pain SOON - 6663864320
Created by InnocenceExorcist

Troll Peppers, Sistah

pain peppers pooptimes Rage Comics - 5307759616
Created by saltyteabag

Silent Pain

chips pain oh god why - 8438805248
Created by Kittehlolzrfun

Classic: You're Not Even a REAL DOCTOR

google headache pain Rage Comics raisin face - 5601838592

Agony of the Arms

gym pain - 8341180160
Created by Burgercat13579

It Feels Like I Got Shanked!

doctor pain Rage Comics shot - 4904066560
Created by CasseroleN

Tabletop Preparation Can Be Painful

pain - 7833472768

The Doctor's Office

pain doctor bad poker face i lied vaccine - 8431290624
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