Rage Comics


Basketball Problems

basketball pain - 7913882112
Created by Yourfavoritelolcat

So Delicious But So Painful

trollface pain doritos - 7827305984

Classic: You're Not Even a REAL DOCTOR

google headache pain Rage Comics raisin face - 5601838592

I Should Have Grabbed the Jackhammer

f yeah freddie legos pain - 6521940480
Created by Jazzure

Pushpin Rage

pain SOON - 6663864320
Created by InnocenceExorcist

No More Fingerprints

fu guy me gusta pain Rage Comics wax - 5114009856
Created by Milkawlgone


rage pain Cats - 8300565504
Created by samscott1988

The Pain of a Thousand Legos

lego pain Rage Comics - 5465253632

Agony of the Arms

gym pain - 8341180160
Created by Burgercat13579

Now I Look Like I Haver Herpes

bleeding gross pain Rage Comics skin - 4862011136


braces hurt ouch pain Rage Comics ugh - 4754865152

Firey Bowels of Hell

pain pooptimes Rage Comics spicy - 6464097280
Created by alex3280

I Am Slain

Lord of the Rings pain Rage Comics - 4925207552

Why Did I Ignore the Dentist's Advice?

pain - 6544686848
Created by Kat097

Flu Shot Rage

rage pain - 8310730752
Created by DissolveTheKitten

Bloody Gummy

brushing your teeth pain - 6547100416
Created by Unknown