Rage Comics


What Have I Become?

kids growing up pain - 8449282560
Created by Unknown

Feel the Burn

hot sauce pain Rage Comics - 4973766400
Created by Unknown

Am I Dead Yet?

pain shower sunburn hot shower funny - 7456711424
Created by Unknown

The Doctor's Office

pain doctor bad poker face i lied vaccine - 8431290624
Created by Unknown

Firey Bowels of Hell

pain pooptimes Rage Comics spicy - 6464097280
Created by alex3280

Wrong Nail

rage pain - 8319303424
Created by death_by_rage

Pleasure and Pain

faptimes pain Rage Comics - 6125011456
Created by Unknown

Sweet Hangnail Have Mercy

hangnail pain Rage Comics skin - 5353881344
Created by xCookie


pain please - 8146587904
Created by Unknown

Razor Pain

rage pain scooter - 6532822784
Created by Unknown

Flu Shot Rage

rage pain - 8310730752
Created by DissolveTheKitten

Agony of the Arms

gym pain - 8341180160
Created by Burgercat13579


rage pain Cats - 8300565504
Created by samscott1988

Best Mother Ever.

parenting pain raisin rage - 6623135488
Created by DamienGranz

Bloody Gummy

brushing your teeth pain - 6547100416
Created by random derp

It Was So Much Better When I Could at Least Taste It!

pain spicy fire bathroom food - 8406536960
Created by Unknown