Rage Comics


Crayon Rage

rage kids crayons - 8135645952
By TheRageIsReal

Domino Effect vs. Heads-Up 7-Up

game school kids - 8400583424
By Unknown

What Did He Taste Like?

kids pregnant Rage Comics raisin face Sad wtf - 6153257728
By Unknown

Never Answer the Doorbell in Suburbia

rage kids - 8167953408
By beckysharp52

Soon They Will Assume Direct Control

Awkward balls best of week kids Rage Comics - 5672276224
By Unknown

Pig In a Blanket

Awkward kids Rage Comics - 4994811392
By Unknown

My Mom Would Always Wonder Why the Toilet Paper Disappeared So Fast...

bathroom kids lol toilet toilet paper - 8136570624
By Derp1231234

I Don't Know Art, But I Know What I Like

kids play-doh me gusta - 6528988160
By Unknown

Why Kids Are Smarter Than Us

f that kids water - 6609811200
By GuildyDawg

What Have I Become?

kids growing up pain - 8449282560
By Unknown

I'm Lacking In Parenting Genes

kids mom Rage Comics success wtf - 5536518912
By Unknown

Caught Yellow Handed

kids parenting peetimes true story - 6562949376
By Unknown

What a Little Smarty-Pants!

kids Rage Comics true story - 6155112960
By TJLuvsCheez

Not Mommy!

memory kids mom - 8186917376
By BlueDiamondEyes

Oh God Why?

kids poker face oh god why - 6533025792
By Unknown

Jimmy Neutron II, Everybody...

genius kids toys - 8334039552
By Bergmite