Rage Comics


Seriously, How Does He Know!?

kids parenting Rage Comics slenderman - 6503052032
By darageindacage

He Knew... He Knew All Along...

kids trolling poker face bad poker face funny - 7537126656
By dragonfly45

Hide and...Have-to-Pee

hide and seek kids pee playing - 8234066176
By troeterich

The Sky's the Limit...?

kids goals astronaut fast food - 8111557120
By CrazyCalvinWilliams

It Never Gets Old

bubbles kids - 7980901376
By Unknown

Miss Mary Mack

funeral kids Rage Comics raisin face wtf - 6182587648
By FrankieMonster

Everyone Must Know

art kids determined - 6344703744
By Unknown

Best Daughter Ever

daughter kids Okay Music - 8128145152
By Unknown

Birthday Time!

presents kids birthday Okay money - 8292799232
By Tr0jAn3ntRy

It's MY Game!

school kids game boy video games i lied - 8405463040
By MeskyTwo

She Jumped the Line!

kids phone Rage Comics technology - 6235606784
By Unknown

Phones These Days

buttons calculator kids math phone school - 8196106496
By SamP101

Kids Aren't All Bad

are you kidding me bad poker face kids Rage Comics - 6350797312
By Unknown

Uhh... Kids? Hello?

kids - 6940857088
By Unknown

I Didn't Want to See Your Tiny Butt

boys gross kids peeing Rage Comics - 4936712192
Via I Raff I Ruse

The Relation of Opposite Genders

kids growing up relationships - 8306034176
By icanhazzahalp