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Cousin Used Insolence. It's Super Effective!

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By Unknown

Ten Things I Did Yesterday

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... Uhh, He Did It!

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By death_by_rage


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By mmnnss

Mum, What Are You Saying?

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By BlueGangsta777

Mother of the Year

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By beckysharp52

Coffee Rage

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By EpicFluffy

What a Smart Kid!

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By Unknown

She Jumped the Line!

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By Unknown

Kids These Days

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A What Now?

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Monkey See, Monkey Do

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By PsychicBillies

What Did He Taste Like?

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By Unknown

Lil' Derp Goes to College

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By sam1106

Crayon Rage

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By TheRageIsReal

Never Answer the Doorbell in Suburbia

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By beckysharp52