Rage Comics


Why Kids Are Smarter Than Us

f that kids water - 6609811200
Created by GuildyDawg

How Was I Supposed to Know

kids oh god why - 8135023616
Created by Unknown

MY GF (Who Was Two at the Time) Trying to Get Into the IKEA Kids' Area

kids ikea bad poker face lol - 8440050944
Created by Unknown

I'm Lacking In Parenting Genes

kids mom Rage Comics success wtf - 5536518912
Created by Unknown

Presents From Grandma

gifts card kids grandma presents teenagers - 8144887552
Created by ImABrony82

Sorry, Mom

kids Okay Rage Comics - 5684886016
Created by lgarslgars

You Know Your Classic TV Shows Well, Parents!

cosplay kids anime TV netflix parents - 8451384832
Created by Kazuo1G

You Deserved to Have Your Desk Puked On

vomit memory school kids - 8384157696
Created by CrazyCalvinWilliams

Oh No, Our Secret is Out!

kids Rage Comics relationships watch out guys you dont say - 6381755392
Created by Unknown

I Just Wanted to Get Warmer!

memory kids brother shower oh god why peeing - 8427484416
Created by Unknown

Such Awesomeness

Music kids awesome Supernatural - 8142008832
Created by Unknown

He Gives Me the Heebie-Jeebies

kids madagascar me gusta Rage Comics zoo - 5276889088
Created by y-u-no-cool

Call of Duty Isn't Even Appropriate for Kids

kids Rage Comics video games wtf - 5286023680
Created by Awesome_Ami

How Can You Be a Person and Not Know What Seinfeld Is?

kids Y U NO - 8327213056
Created by Squid_man

Best Daughter Ever

daughter kids Okay Music - 8128145152
Created by Unknown

Cousin Expectation vs. Cousin Reality

expectation vs reality cousins kids poker face - 8088875264
Created by Cheezgirl250
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