Rage Comics


What Has Twitter Done to Our Children?

kids hashtags school twitter - 7936939520
Created by CrazyCalvinWilliams

Where Did I Go Wrong as a Father?

kids parenting lawnmowers - 7867532032
Created by Unknown

Re-Raged: This Is Making Me Dizzy

3DS kids Rage Comics video games - 5506068992

They're Supposed to be Kept on the Top Shelf

kids poker face oh god why - 6302992384
Created by Unknown

What a Smart Kid!

dolan duck gooby kids Rage Comics - 6224691712
Created by Unknown

Innocence of Children Sucks

forever alone fu guy kids - 6200081408
Created by hjonsey

Smashing Pumpkins

jack o lanterns halloween kids pumpkins prank - 8361116416
Created by death_by_rage

When You Play With Nerf Guns

all the things kids playing - 8351765504
Created by MemeFactor01

I Was Cool For About 15 Minutes

everything went better than expected kids swing playground - 8235596032
Created by dam_son

I Was Trying to Help!

comics entertainment rage kids mom flies - 8347120128
Created by DissolveTheKitten

Diction, People! Diction!

innuendo kids singing internet - 8208553728
Created by tzoram


Music kids parenting - 8409092864
Created by Unknown

Sorry, Mom

kids Okay Rage Comics - 5684886016
Created by lgarslgars

Call It Like You See It

kids Rage Comics - 5242839808
Created by Eisinger

Seriously, How Does He Know!?

kids parenting Rage Comics slenderman - 6503052032
Created by darageindacage

Are You Serious?

kids toys - 7983020800
Created by Squidkid915
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