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herp derp

Nothing happened today

school herp derp genius - 8556861440
Created by Unknown

Rebels Without a Clue

yolo swag herp derp Party - 6795026944
Created by Unknown

Store Madness

job retail herp derp working poker face true story store - 6757447168
Created by erectorious

Bleach Is to WHITEN

hair dye bleach my mind is full of herp derp true story - 6883382016
Created by Andrawesome

Now everyone at the office thinks I'm a complete retard...

Awkward extra panel herp derp wtf brain work - 8579097344
Created by Unknown

Trick or Treat Express Lane

are you kidding me halloween herp derp trick or treat - 8573993216
Created by death_by_rage

I Love Being The Only One To Know These Things

class numb school fap herp derp - 6727436288
Created by Phograph

Neither. For delivery.

taco bell herp derp drive thru true story - 6524977664
Created by MRpickleYandR

Not now, I'm busy!

herp derp computer table flipping - 8572254208
Created by Unknown
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