Rage Comics

herp derp

Bro, Really?

xbox live nothing to do here herp derp facepalm genius xbox 360 - 6795819520
Created by Rhizvo

Odd, Six Is Definitely an Odd Number...

even herp derp face palm math class true story truancy story - 6843682560
Created by Sangolovesmiroku

Email, How Does It Work?

rage guy tech support computer soon email herp derp face palm FUUUUU - 6877781760
Created by GedLarsen

Poetry Hour

herp derp roses are red microwave - 6645363968
Created by Unknown

Every Time

steam are you kidding me ms paint herp derp downloading - 6859568896
Created by Unknown

They've Been In My Family for Generations

jeans are you kidding me herp derp true story family - 6823544064
Created by Trollahkiin

Gosh Darn It!

herp derp meta true story table flipping Rage Comics - 8549483264
Created by danisivo

Next, Gravity Accelerated Food Spooning

class are you kidding me school herp derp face palm sweet jesus stupid - 6766266112
Created by Unknown


Music ipod herp derp true story - 6855351808
Created by jinjo2200

Nothing happened today

school herp derp genius - 8556861440
Created by Unknown

Got Wings GameStop? Didn't Think So...

gamestop herp derp Close Enough - 6874919680
Created by Espo19

Not now, I'm busy!

herp derp computer table flipping - 8572254208
Created by Unknown

Now everyone at the office thinks I'm a complete retard...

Awkward extra panel herp derp wtf brain work - 8579097344
Created by Unknown

That Makes Total Sense

herp derp true story truancy story - 6888889088
Created by mastasham

A Most Ingenious Paradox

paradox class school pun herp derp face palm truancy story - 6666989312
Created by wyldmann27

I Love Being The Only One To Know These Things

class numb school fap herp derp - 6727436288
Created by Phograph