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herp derp

That Makes Total Sense

herp derp true story truancy story - 6888889088
Created by mastasham

Bro, Really?

xbox live nothing to do here herp derp facepalm genius xbox 360 - 6795819520
Created by Rhizvo

Yeah... Because You're Smart...

class herp derp stupid people laptop - 6822954496
Created by zzza77

Got Wings GameStop? Didn't Think So...

gamestop herp derp Close Enough - 6874919680
Created by Espo19

Let's Call It Gandy Instead

candy gum nothing to do here gross herp derp poker face cousins - 6889355008
Created by Unknown

Odd, Six Is Definitely an Odd Number...

even herp derp face palm math class true story truancy story - 6843682560
Created by Sangolovesmiroku

Gosh Darn It!

herp derp meta true story table flipping Rage Comics - 8549483264
Created by danisivo

Close Enough

herp derp actor Close Enough derp - 6797917184
Created by Unknown

Look at the shape of that monitor!

herp derp you dont say true story library - 8552452352
Created by Unknown

I'm Not That Short

height herp derp walking short - 8561467392
Created by BurpingBaby

Nothing happened today

school herp derp genius - 8556861440
Created by Unknown

That Guy

herp derp work coworkers - 8574035968
Created by death_by_rage

Email, How Does It Work?

rage guy tech support computer soon email herp derp face palm FUUUUU - 6877781760
Created by GedLarsen

Some People Just Don't Get It

Pokémon herp derp video game - 6688695552
Created by Unknown

Now everyone at the office thinks I'm a complete retard...

Awkward extra panel herp derp wtf brain work - 8579097344
Created by Unknown

Why I Hate This Era

time swag herp derp watch leave my presence - 6826795264
Created by Unknown
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